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help needed in randwick nsw to inspect my 1st bike saturday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cosmo_sydney, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. i've left this well and trully late but....
    today (saturday 30/6) i have an appointment to inspect my first bike. and i finally realise i really do need someone with bike experience to help me. better late than never i guess.

    so im asking fellow netriders in the nsw eastern suburbs area with bike knowlege (specifically 1996 honda hornet 250), if there is anyone available saturday late morning before 12pm to hold my figurative hand and help me inspect my first bike...please? i was thinking around 11am-ish.

    the bike is located a suburb away so there will be little travel involved.

    i live in randwick and can be contacted either via pm or msn (cosmo_sydney@hotmail.com). i'll likely be back online from around 9am.

    thanks gang.

    ps - unfortunately i won't be able to reward this good gesture except be eternally grateful and offer my first born (just kidding).

  2. Surely you can spare $15 for a six pack for someone?

    Tightarse :p
  3. PM your number to me if you want a hand.
  4. hi tweet. as i have not yet posted 20 times, i am unable to pm you :(
    im online now so if you're able to pm me now, can i then pm you back my number?

    a 6 pack i can do. :)
  5. I can't PM the moderators don't like me so they disabled the option.
  6. a big thanks to tweet for helping me out today. :grin:

    for any new bikers looking to buy their first bike, taking along someone who knows something about bikes is a good idea. their knowledge and experience is priceless and could save you alot of money in the end. i've learnt more about bikes in 20 minutes than i have searching online for the past few weeks!
  7. Did you buy it?

  8. We looked at it, and honestly it was butchered, unloved and basically had perhaps $1500 to be spent just to make it safe, and able to seat 2 people.

    Even then, it was well weathered, had no service history, and a bodgy paintjob.
    I strongly suggested Cosmo keeps his money in his pocket, because for the almost $5K the seller wanted, a far far nicer machine could be had.
  9. Sorry to hear it was a lemon guys. :(

    I had good luck today and bought my first bike.

    Suzuki GS500F 2005.

    Woot! :p

    Be patient, keep looking, and the perfect ride will be yours.
  10. Congratulations, now when do you want to go for a ride and show it to me :)
  11. hey congrats actionman. good to hear at least someone was succesful today
  12. Don't worry Cosmo, your time will come mate, and you will get a great bike.
  13. And I for one vote that Tweet get his PM privileges back !!!

    Outstanding mate, respect for looking after the newbies.
  14. Tweet did you get the beers?
  15. Hey Cosmo, Ihaveduff and I are from Randwick, Loth and Damus are in maroubra, we normally meet up at Zellini's on monday nights with Jacob - we should meet up :) I'll add you to my MSN
  16. No beers, but that isn't because Cosmo didn't offer, I declined.
  17. hi duk35,
    yeah it'd be sweet to meet some local netriders. do you guys go for rides together? how long have you all been riding for?

    i did offer but tweet declined. what a dood! :)
  18. hey mate, where about in Randwick do you live?

    We go for regular(ish) rides around the Eastern subs every monday night after coffee/tea/hot chocolate. Zellini's at 9:30 most mondays!! Come along tomorrow, i'm pretty sure we'll be meeting up there!


  19. hey ihaveduff,

    i live near the northern end of belmore road so zellini's is only a stones throw away.
    i'll see how things go tonight at home. shoot me a quick message whether you guys are on or not if you can

  20. PM sent mate