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Help needed in choosing suitable bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Muz, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Hi people,

    I've decided to saddle up again on a bike after a 8 year absence. I have my full riders license so I'm not restricted.

    I would like a bike for some weekend riding, nothing serious only problem is that I have a bung wrist :)nopity:)and need more of an upright bike.

    Was thinking a LAMS bike in case my wrist flares up and it will be easy to sell but then I've seen a number of bikes (all different) I am choosing from. I prefer a naked bike opposed to a cruiser or sports bike. My budget was around $8,000 on a used bike though after some thought I may be prepared to spend to $13,000 on a new bike.

    The following are the list of bikes I am thinking of each for different reasons:

    * Ducati Monster 400 (or 600)
    * Suzuki Gladius
    * Kawasaki ER6-N
    * Yamaha XJ6N

    So which ever of the above has the most upright seat may be the one for me though just for something different I have fallen head over heals for the Harley Davidson Sports Iron 883. Being 6'2" I think I've heard this bike may not be suitable :cry:

    I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts on the above.
  2. You might want to look at the versys or the 650 vstrom for upright bikes especially as you are tall.

    I wouldnt have thought the monster or the gladius would be too upright, though i havent ridden them.

    You seen this siteby the way http://cycle-ergo.com/ it compares bike riding positions.
  3. At 6'2" you'll have to rule out the Ducatis, I ADORED mine, but even at 6' it really was just too small.

    I reckon the Yamahas are well worth a look, the XJ6N and FZ6N are both handsome bikes that'd be a pretty good fit for you. Super comfy/upright riding positions, and silky smooth engines.

    If you are considering stretching your budget to $13,000, I'd highly recommend you take a look at the Aprilia Shiver, she's a perfect fit for taller riders, extremely comfortable, and hands-down sexier than any other option that meets your criteria and price-range.
  4. Hi Muz... 1000 riders 1000 opinions.. Here my bit.. I agree with the Suzuki 650 either DL or GSX650F, also Kwaka Versys. (I am 6ft 4 and any Ducati kills my back except for the 30 thousand Multistrada) I noticed that there are a considerable range of 2nd hand GSX650F..I ride a 750F and led to believe these have the same length as the 650F. I find my bike very comfortable. After some blings my 750 puts out 87HP at the rear wheel so I'm very happy. Hope this helps
  5. I wouldn't trust the Aprillia to resell well (which was a criteria of the OP), I own one and they are great bikes but resale value is not one of their strong points.
  6. I'm 6'2" or 6'3" or something - I found I was too big for the gladius. Suzuki V-Strom 650 is butt ugly but super comfortably/upright. I rode a Yamaha FZ6n while my bike was being serviced on Monday and I hated it (the engine/gearing). Seating position was quite good for my height though.

    +1 for having a look at a GSX650f, plenty of go to keep you entertained but quite heavy for it's capacity. Nice seating position but I would have wanted the bars about an inch higher if I owned one (a mod I will also be looking at doing to my Bandit). Don't know much about the others you posted sorry, good luck in your search
  7. Hey Muz

    Where abouts are you located?

    The GSX650F is a great bike.
    It was my reintroduction two years ago after a ten year abscence.

    This is not a Sales pitch, just my honest opinion on the bike.

    It's a superb all-rounder.
    Very comfortable on the freeway, loads of fun in the twisties.
    No pressure on wrists, very comfy for long rides.

    I'm only selling mine because although it's more than capable of taking Wifey and I on day trips and such, we want to do longer tours in the near future.
    I'm gonna miss it when it's gone.

    I couldn't reccomend the GSX650F highly enough.
  8. As VerticalC said, consider a V-Strom. They're not LAMS, but I've yet to hear anyone who's owned one express disappointment. Besides, if you ended up liking the 650, you could always upgrade to the Thou' :twisted:.
  9. Thanks for that..cool site..just a pity more bikes arn't on there.

  10. Thanks for that..the XJ6N is a front runner now