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Help needed in Brisbane

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MacFfy, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. as per my other thread..... I bought a new bike today.

    However, I've just realised that I pick this bike up next saturday morning and I'm slightly worried about riding up the road on my own.

    Is there anyone out there (anyone at all!!!), who be willing to meet me at the dealers (springwood), on saturday (19th - time to suit you) and accompany me back up to my house in the gabba, maybe take a longer route back to get the feel of the bike.

    I'll pay handsomly in petrol and beer/wine/drinks of your choice.

    Hoping someone will help!!!!
  2. I hope someone steps uo tp lend you a hand to see you home in good shape. I would, but I'm in Melbourne.

    If you end up going it alone...just take it easy...be alert, but don't over-pressure yourself...and take as long as you like to get home.
    I think you will find that after the first k or so, you will settle down, and wonder what you were worried about. :)

  3. wish i could mate... especialy since i work in the gabba... but i work on saturdays ... and unless you wanna pick up the bike at around 9 then i wont be able to help... i'm a chef and have to start at 10 am... so if 9 am at springwood is good for you then i would be glad to come and have a ride with ya mate :D

    p.s. dont worry about riding ya new bike for first tiem .... i had to ride my bike home from browns plains to morningside for first ride.. all along the damn gateway areterial!!!! damn trucks went way too fast that day!!! he he he....
  4. I'll get back to you later in the week if something important comes up but otherwise I can come out and lend a hand when you go to pick up your new toy.

    If I end up bailing on you then i'm sure many other brissy riders will step up to the plate. We're a quiet bunch but we are here none the less :D

  5. maybe we could all have a quick ride with macFfy on sat ;)
  6. yeah.... we all could!!! couldn't that be fun!!!!!

    it would!!!!!!!
  7. Might well be doable for me as well. (Assuming I get the brake lever fixed this week.) Should be fun - and we *should* meet up seeing we pretty much park side by side at work! If a consensus time develops, great, otherwise 2ish is easiest but I do have some sympathy for the 'picking up the new bike' anxiety, so 9 or 10 is fine as well. ;)

    Edit: And this is my post 100!
  8. do those times actually exists?? wow!!!! heheheh

    If people are up for a ride, i will happily go with the general concensus of everyone else. I can always swing into the dealers early and have all the paper and money stuff done so the bikes just ready to go.
  9. If you have no luck I work at a bike dealership in Springwood. I finish at 2pm, I'd go with you after work.
  10. I'll be down that way on saturday, so I could either help you out, or just meet up if there will be any others coming down.

  11. he he.. sounds like a few of us.. i could get there by 2.30 as well for a ride during my break till 5 as well if ya want a good ride too..
  12. so shall we meet around 2:30??

    I can head to the dealers earlier and get all the boring stuff out of the way, then we could all go a wee spin heading back towards the city... and we can stop somewhere along the way so I can shout everyone a coffee/tea/cold drink
  13. Ok if you guys want I should be out by 2:30, Pro Kawasaki on the corner :)
  14. I'm tossing up on coming up for a bit of a ride and to see some family.

    It sounds like 2:30 is the go. Just need to sort out a place to ride to now.

    I know Mt Nebo and Tamborine are good, but I'm sure you locals would have some better hiden roads around the place.

    Hope you don't mind a Mexican coming up for a cruise around.
  15. i'm up for anywhere to ride.. but i will have to leave yas a bit early as have to start work at gabba again at 5... but will ride anywhere till then :D so it looks like 2.30 it is.... which dealer at springwood???

  16. So there it is..... Pro Kawa on the corner of Moss St and Pacific Hwy, 2:30 Saturday 19th.

    I'll let you more experienced folks pick a ride (BalmyBrowny needs to be back at work by 5pm)... just don't leave me behind!!

    I'm getting my bike at the Teammoto KTM/Hyo just up the road - will probably be there from about 13:30
  17. nice one :D dont worry about me though... i can peel off anytime ;) looking forward to meeting some fellow riders finally :) and of course seein ya new baby Mac ;)
  18. I'm supposed to help someone move from Jamboree Heights to Goodna on Saturday, but I'm not sure what time yet. If that gets canned, or if the time is good, I'll happily come along :)
  19. I am free during the day on saturday. If it rolls round, and you are still needing someone, then let me know.

    send us an email timjessupis[at]hotmail[dot]com.

    what have you ridden before? a smaller bike? anything?

    My main piece of advice is to slip that clutch. There are a lot of gravelly gutters around there, and crappy corners, so with low speed starts, please don't just dump the clutch like you might be used to. It's a wet multiplate, it is designed for that purpose.
  20. ooooh there's a right crowd of us going now!

    Ro has just PMed me to say he's coming up from NSW to join the fun!

    So that's:

    Balmy B

    and possibly:


    any more takers??

    and what does everyone drink? (my offer of coffee etc still stands)
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