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Help needed from Sydney netriders!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ROAMER, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hi there!

    I have come across a nice bike that I am Plning to get. However it's based in Sydney dealership

    Better Bikes
    Contact: Leon
    9718 6668
    605 Canterbury Road,
    Belmore, Sydney, 2192

    If anyone is browsing for bikes or is able to step in and have a look for me it would be greatly appreciated. If interested you might try to squeeze a test ride, but at this moment I am mainly concerned about dints, schratches, marks of bike beoing dropped etc. So please let me know if you are able to!!! Bike is 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Mean streak.

    Many thanx
  2. hiya

    if i were u i would get someone to check it out real good

    i bought a bike from them only last weekend .. '02 650 v-star (8500km) & twice in the last two days it refused to start and its been backfiring n missing

    seemed ok for the first coupla rides

    it will be under the three month warranty thing and i will take it in when i get time (work, kids, etc) but it would be a pain in the a** from where u are if u should have any trouble

    good luck
  3. Would help you in a second as its quite close, but somehow I don't think they are going to let me attach an L-plate to the arse of it and go off for a test ride :).
  4. If you can hang on over the weekend I'll run over and have a look and /or a ride for you on Mon mate.

    Is that Leon who used to work at Red Baron in Sutherland?
    I know him, he's ok as bike shop sales people go.
    And I rarely say that.

    So I'm just looking at overall condition and such yes?

    I'll check tire wear and wheel/steering head bearings and stuff also.

    Do you want to ring them and tell them I'm going over to look at the bike for you?..might be a good idea, then they know someone in Sydney will be looking out for your interests.
  5. Better Bikes have one of the best reputations of the Sydney bike shops, so should be alright.
  6. I've got no faith in bike shops, only in some of the people I know who work in them.

    Sydney bike shop community is small, guys normally gravitate from one shop to another over the years. You soon learn who is genuine and who just wants to sell bikes.

    Strangely enough the only shops I ever recommend are all non-dealerships. And have had the same owners and staff for many years.
  7. I got a couple of ideas here Chick.
    Bike probably sat around in the shop for awile and the battery has run down.
    If you're having trouble starting it in this colder weather (and no probs starting it when it's warmed up) it's deff the battery. Cold weather kills weak batteries.

    Coughing and backfiring...original exhaust pipes or has the previous owner installed some aftermarket ones?
    If that's a yes I would suggest the carbs are not in sync with the pipes, too much or too little air flow.
    Make sure the choke is all the way off when bike is warm, dont just check the lever on the handlebars, check that the cable is correctly operating down on the engine end also.
    We spent two weeks trying to fix a Kawsaki once, everything with choke seemed fine, later discovered the cable was broken off inside the cable tube. So it was constanly half on.

    Good luck.
  8. Thanx for that mate! I already spoke to Leon and told him someone will come over to have a look at it. I had a different person in mind but he is pretty much tied up 'till Thursday. So if you could step in and check it out it would be great. If you mention that you are looking at it for someone from Melbourne, Leon should remember me. Bike has custom paint on it, so I'm a bit suspicious if it has been dropped. If it has been, and all damage had been properly repaired, I'm not that concerned then. I'm just worried that it will start vibrating like hell above 100kph, or something similar. I'still check if they have that 10 days cooling off period, so that should give me some peace of mind. If you are able to take some pics it would be nice as well, and if they could start it up so you can hear how loud it is since it's got aftermarket pipes on it. But, just stopping by and checking it over is already worth it very much!!!

    Many thanx mate!!!
  9. Won't be any pics mate. I don't have a digi camera and my cell phone only makes (strangely enough) phone calls.

    There's nowhere around Belmore to do a 100kph for more than a few seconds.

    But if it does not headshake with hands off the bars it's unlikely to headshake at speed with hands on the bars.

    I'll deff take it for a test ride, half the fun of going over there. I'll try to be careful with your future bike mate. LMAO.
    Custom paint on those sorts of bikes is common in Sydney.
    Normally it's a half naked woman or a muscle bound oaf with a sword and a wolf....Sigh.
    My 1400 Suzi Intruder had the latter. As soon as I got it home I sprayed the tank with metallic grey paint out of a spray can. Looked so good I never did get the paint job changed. Metallic based paint is petrol proof.
  10. :shock: . . wow, olde-skool !


    . . kidding Jaq !

    This bike is shown on the www.betterbikes.com.au website.
    Looks sweeet !

  11. OMFG it's green!

    Someone pass me a small plastic bucket.

    I'm expected to ride that color thing?

    FFS I have standards ya know.

    Hmmm....Belmore...no one knows me around that area, if I keep my full face on and the screen down I might just get away with it.

    God forbid any of my crew should see me.

    Ok, I'll take a deep breath and go for it.

    And MICKY....I am olde skool.

    When I started riding... Quote "bikes were made of steel and men were made of iron."...Unquote.

    Young puppy. LOL.
  12. :( :( :( :( Many thanx for your good intentions mate. But unfortunatelly bike had a deposit put on about 3 hours ago by someone. With my luck, I actually expected this to happen. :( :( :( So not much point of checking it out I guess.

    Once again, many thanx, I owe you one anyway!!
  13. Keep trying mate, it'll come off just right one day :grin:
  14. Phew...for a minute there I thought I was actually gonna have to ride the kermit chariot. :shock:

    No worries mate.

    Tell me the truth...you were gonna re-spray it another color weren't you?

    I mean you were yeah? :LOL:
  15. Hi there, Roamer, my hubby had this bike he bought is about 3 months ago, it was a repairable writeoff, since he has had it he has dropped it a couple of times but with no demage done the foot pegs that he has seem to stop the tank and other parts from hitting the ground. But he is in the process of trying to get me to do a mural on the tank. As I just completed my first Helmet and he liked it.
    anyway best of luck with it.

    Sorry didn't realise the bike had been sold I missed that entry :oops:
  16. by the roamer we are in blactown area ok