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Help needed from a newbie.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Winson, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    have being on the forum a little while and learnt a lot from reading threads. It has really taught me a lot since I am a abosolutly new on wheels (i got a learner license last month).

    Ok here come the question.

    I today went to a kawasaki dealer while waiting for my car to be serviced.
    I saw they got a new batch of Ninja 250Rs coming and I couldn't stop to get very excited that I then obtain a quote from them. So i just wondering if anyone can tell me the prices are fair?

    $7700 rideaway for the bike
    $1000 for gears:
    Shark titan helmet (as on the quotation sheet)
    Ixon witness Jkt (its a leather jacket)
    A/stars SPX glove
    the price for those are: 499, 679 and 129 respectively. (of course they discounted as they claimed)

    The thing that attracting me the most is that they have a green one in stock which means I can rideaway tomorrow :grin:

    I have tried a couple of dealers and all they answered to "if i can get a discount?" " not a chance"

    I know the bike has being a best-seller in the market but still wondering if the prices i got are fair considering my mate in WA got his only for 7000.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. No idea on prices, I'll leave that to someone who keeps tabs on the industry.

    Just want to log with you that you can get MUCH cheaper gear if you want to. If you want that sort of gear and can afford that sort of money, go ahead by all means.

    Just be aware that you can get good gloves for <$100, decent leather jackets from as little as $260 ish (I think All Motorcycle Accessories in Keilor Park starts at around that figure, and no, I don't work for them.)

    I'm not going to tell you how much to spend on a helmet, thats up to you. But you can get what SEEM to me to be decent helmets for a good deal less than what you are looking at.

    Just thought I'd log that with you so you would better understand your choices, just in case moolaah is an issue for you.

    All the best! :grin:
  3. Just take your time, mate. It doesn't have to happen today.
  4. Don't know much about these things, but with a recession coming, sales will be slow. Stock was ordered months ago and will need to be shifted. You should be able to get a good deal if you shop around.
  5. Well the RRP for the 2009 Ninja 250r is $7k. Then you would pay the onroad costs (stamp duty, rego, ctp) and other dealer charges. Here in queensland, the onroad costs would be about $510.

    So $7700 means you aren't getting any 'real' discount. imo shop around a bit more. Its an in-demand bike, but the current economic climate should net a cheaper price than that.
  6. Thanks a lot guys.

    maybe i need to shop a round a little bit.

    Can't resist to get on a bike and join the weekend-cruise activities lol.
  7. The older GPX's and ZZR's are more powerful then the new 250r's if you looking for the 2 - 5 extra ps they give, they are also cheaper!!
    The zzr has bigger wheels the the GPX so you have more of a tyre choice, they both have exceptional range for any bike and are comfortable for riders of all sizes (im 6'2 i fit, just look a little silly).

    If i was you, or any learner never ridden before i wouldn't buy a brand new bike, get a second hand one with low k's save 3k on the bike and get some better gear that could save your life.
  8. Sounds about right. i got mine a few months ago for $7800 including on road costs. The dealers i spoke to were not very willing to budge on price. Although i got a fairly good deal on gear.
  9. Shark Titan (RSI) Sounds a little overpriced. I bought a (top of the range) RSR2 for that price.

    As for the bike have you thought about getting second hand? You WILL want to upgrade when you are off restrictions.
  10. If you want a warranty, go new but you can save 3k by getting on a good low k ZZR250. You can get away with less than $1000 on gear and dont forget to put some insurance on the thing. Shit does happen :wink:

    Take your time. You will be on your first bike only 2 years most likely and unless you buy a POS anything will do if its maintained.
  11. So it is a fair go for the ninja you reckon? :grin:

    I was quoted $1000 on the helmet jacket and gloves all together.

    as a L prob it is not wise to buy a new one but considering that i will keep it for a couple of years, it might makes sense to buy a new one.

    Also he purpose of my bike is solely to go around on weekend and not intended to be ridden on weekdays for commuting. ( i am a bit afraid of the traffic in sydney especially how crazy the drivers are in peak hours :p )
  12. Mate thats not enough. For your own sake ride more than that :shock:
  13. +1
  14. +1 I said I wasn't going to ride the bike to work either.... Since Ive had it (4 weeks) Ive ridden every day to work bar 1.
  15. save yourself the hassles then, just start on cruisers now.
    oh and change your username to Weekend Warrior.
    thanks :p

    seriously, dont bother buying new. i can almost guarantee, if you only plan on riding the w/e's, you will have very little experience for a long time. this gives you a long time to drop your bike.

    so after you walk out the dealers with a new bike, deppreciation, and then drop it in 3 months time, you've already lost $2-3k on the bike. gone, in 3 months. oh and insurance, unless you want to lose even more from the drop that will probably happen, you want full comp insurance. for a 20yo like yourself, im assuming male, on a new, faired bike, will be around $1500-$2000 at least. per year.

    so after a year, thats $1500 in insurance, $800 excess, $2000 deppreciation with the damage. wow, you're down $4300. in a year.

    on the other hand

    by a 2nd hand bike of some sort. insurance will be less. the cost will be alot less. deppreciation will be alot less, i have a few mates who sold their bike for MORE than they bought it for. if you drop it, it might not even look any diff, if it's already been dropped/scratched up. you save ALOT more money.

    all of which you will put towards upgrading no doubt.

    but hey, its up to you :p
  16. :LOL:

    I have to say I agree don't buy new. I did, and what happened? 15 months later I upgraded now there's a nice looking 07 GPX just sitting in the garage. I would have had just as much fun on an old banger for the initial enthusiasm/skill building/commuting/weekend twisties phase, but with a few more coffers in the pocket that would have made the upgrade just that much more cheaper. And believe me it's when you upgrade, not if.

    Or look at it this way, compared to the ninja and that gear, get a second hand bike for ~4-5 grand, then all your schmick gear is virtually free and you'll still have some pocket money after. :grin:
  17. I would personally reccoment 2nd hand low km for first bike, there are a lot around, because people usually trade as quick as they can upgrade (for us it was 3 months). I can't imagine only riding on weekends - you'll get used to the traffic, just head off a couple of hours early and go the long way around :p
  18. I went through the same process a few months back. The Ninja being one of the few new 250s that I liked. After a while everyone said the same things as what has already been mentioned. I bought a 96 CBR250RR thinking yeah will be good for weekends then after a week started riding literally everywhere. I bought an older bike that cosmetically looks like a piece of junk but enginewise, its in top condition. That way I'm not too scared to ride it thinking I'll drop it and its way cheaper to insure, $630 full comprehensive (No Joke!). Oh and by the way it goes harder than the new Ninjas too!