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HELP! Need help to make photo larger!!

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, May 10, 2011.

  1. which one do you think is best? and can i please also get someone to resize all three pics so that they're background size? i need to use one of them as the background image on my blog, and can't just upload it from the comp, needs to be an internet pic, and it's gotta be the right size, basically.

    so, need it the same size as your screen, pretty much (normal screen size... i guess?)



  2. Alt+F4 should do it ;)
  3. 1. There's only 2 pics
    2. If you resize a pic from those sizes up to desktop resolution it will look shit
    3. Presumably you have the originals from your camera, they would would be better to start with - making an image smaller is better than making an image bigger.
    4. Windows? Use this: http://www.irfanview.com/ it's a no-brainer and it's free
  4. 1. there was 3 but i deleted one
    2. it's just for a background, so i'm not too fussed
    3. i do have the originals, and it's great that they'd look better smaller, but i need them larger
    4. i'm on a mac, and it needs to go onto

    can someone please help????????????
  5. 3. I mean making a larger image smaller is better than making a smaller image larger
    google is your friend
  6. i CAN resize it on my comp. i DID google it.

    however, when i put it on whatever website, so i can copy the image address, it automatically makes it smaller, thus, it won't work for my blog.

    remember, with my blog, it ONLY allows an http: address, I can't just add a photo to it!
  7. Will you have text over the image? Pic 1 has way to much colour contrast so a lot of the writing will be eligable. Pic 2 for mine with a text colour that stands out on both brown and white.
  8. am using pic 1, and i've discovered imgur thanks to brett from this forum.

    /end request for help
  9. Well..... if you'd asked the right question in the first place....](*,)
  10. i did! in my first post, i said:

    i don't know how i could have been much clearer?

    maybe i could have mentioned the http thingy but i'm not a freaking expert with computers.

    all good now, anyways.