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Help - need feedback should I sell my bike?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cptnrickstar, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Hi fellow netriders!!

    I have been riding my motorbike for over 4 years. I love it a lot.

    I don't really get the time to ride it much these days due to work commitments.

    I am thinking of selling the bike, due to a few factors.
    I Had a close call 2-3 months ago when I nearly got side swipped by a car that didn't see me.
    Mind you wasn't even in the blind spot. I sort of think that was my "calling
    to get rid of it. But I love the trill, but won't die for it?

    Any feedback will be appreciated.
    I was thinking of a go-kart in lieu of this, can still give it a squirt with available time and not have the high safety risk plus registration / heavy insurance costs.
    Has anyone even sold and found they have gone back to it? ect?

    thanks all.
  2. Hi Dude,

    I would follow your gut feeling mate. Make sure its not fear though, cause that might skew what your inner side is telling ye....

    Hehe, if I reason like you, then I'd be having the calling every day!!!! ;)

    I think you have to weigh the fact of having the bike, the kart...or both. For example, I tried to live without a bike for a while (cause I had no choice)....I was going to die without it man....it was like my freedom was taken away....had something missing in my life, a void. But that's me.

    So, can you live without a bike? Maybe it will be filled with something else? Guess only you can answer that question :) Why don't you find a way not to drive the bike for a while and see how it feels?

    In my opinion, the fact that you even thought of getting rid of the bike then most probably you can pass without it...

  3. Only you can make the decision for your circumstances but I would say don't expect that a go kart will take less time. You need to take it to a track to run it. No spur of the moment rides anymore.

    Regarding the risks of bikes, of course they exist. If you decide to stay with riding just try and manage the risk. Good Luck on your decision.
  4. Stop riding for a month and see if you miss it before you sell up. If you do miss it, try a track day! If you don't miss it after a month, I think you got your answer.
  5. Swap for a dirt bike and keep riding but not on the roads?
  6. I've thought about selling my bike many times and I pretty much exist only to ride. Every time I have a close call (maybe once a year) I think hard about it. Plus there's the law constantly trying to spoil our fun. I had a 3 month suspension the year before last and boy that was hard trying to get to work etc.

    It's a hard decission mate, I can't bring myself to do it though.
  7. How about you sell your bike but not your gear? That way if you do realise that you shouldn't have sold it...you still have your old gear and can buy a new bike? (That is assuming you haven't changed your body shape much and you store your gear effectively).
  8. A true biker never sells their riding gear... They keep it till they're dead...
  9. Stuff that, I'm getting buried with mine! Who needs a suit when you can look good in riding gear.
  10. In nearly 35 years of riding I have often sold my bikes (usually for financial reasons more than anything else). And everytime I have done it, I've regretted it sooner rather than later and found some way of getting back onto two wheels again.

    Ultimately it's your decision and only you can make it, but, if I had a dollar for every person who has said to me over the years, "Yeah I used to ride, but then I sold it for *.* reasons. I wish I'd never done it now," I'd be a rich man.
  11. You'll miss it when it's gone and end up buying another. If you need a cooling off period then don't ride it for a while. Inevitably you'll be back though, and it'll be cheaper in the long run to keep the one you have than to buy another.
  12. I'm considering selling because of the fines I'm getting.
    But that means grid lock if I buy a car and I'll prob still get pinged for something considering I live in Victoria.

    Even worse is getting stuck with public transport. Not only is it notoriously unreliable but the shift work with pretty much random start time and finish times, 7am starts, 1am,3am,4am finishes doesn't give me much choice.

    Giving up motorcycling has only ever been a knee-jerk reaction though. I know I would regret it straight away.
  13. See my logic is, to follow the road rules a bit more to stop getting fines...not shift from mode to mode of transport? :-s
  14. Buy a 2 stroke 2 fiddy. Or if that's too much, buy a 4 stroke 2 fiddy.
  15. Mate,
    Like all the others have said, the answer you seek is really within...search deep, considering all factors (danger, freedom, fun, scary experiences...the lot). Perhaps some time away from the bike will be the answer as to whether you miss it or whether you're willing to give up riding, based on the weighing of all factors.

    Personally, I have LOTS to lose if ever involved in an accident, as I'm sure we all do. But riding for me, is the next best thing to what I do daily as a profession (turn, bank, climb, descend), and this is what keeps my life interesting.
    We really only live once and finding the things that keep us 'alive' with renewed passion, motivation, 'jumpiness' are far and few between.
    Good luck with your decision buddy - I'm sure we all wish you well, but do follow your gut instincts.

    PS - I have heard your concerns from many before. Most of them have tried track days, and since then, have never looked back...track junkies !
  16. im different, love the fear of it, im thinking of selling due to mortgage going up, electricity going up, petrol going up, smokes going up, pretty much everything going up except wages, paying 2 cars 1 bike 1 trailer rego and insurances getting a bit hard, kevin rudd, you can stick that 900 bux up your arse as this is what its created, mafiaism at its best
  17. I sold my first bike because it was starting to become boring! Commuting for 3 hrs every day in all weather you start to lose the thrill of riding. I had fear when i first started riding but as I became a better rider I slowly lost some of it. There is always an element of fear, you need that to keep your spidey senses tingling.

    Cost is always an issue when it comes to having a non essential item like a bike but sometimes you need a passion to keep you motivated in life.

    OH and if you mix up your commute with a bus every now and then it reminds you how freaken awesome having a bike is.

    But at the end of the day some are not cut out to be long term motorcyclists, are you?
  18. Fuk man... I didnt even see that 900smacks and now I got to soon pay $20 for smokes!! Coonts!
  19. Well everyone else has summed it up pretty good. ill share my experiences tho.

    I rode for 2 years, bike was my only form of transport except walking.
    ended up losing the license and it didnt help that i wrote the bike off not long before that.
    In the time since, say 2-3 years, iv got my car,, tried 4wding, remote control cars, downhill mtn biking,, but i can sincerely say for me at-least that nothing comes close to riding a motorbike..
    i tried and spent Thousands of dollars trying to replace it, but there is nothing that comes close to jumping on a bike and just forgetting everything but the now!

    Bikes for me are irreplaceable.
  20. YES

    Your bike deserves better than you.

    Sell it to a real man.