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Help - need detergent and disinfectant for BNE flood cleanup

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. If you can help with a contact, cheap or even free cleaning chemicals, please send me a pm.

    This is the street we start work on tomorrow (if the water receedes enough).


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  2. Bloody hell man what a mess. The upside down 'water over road' sign gets the play of the day.

    If I could chip in I would mate, who knows, I might even get my chance.

    Is there any point sending anything or are supplies cut off and you need to find stuff local?
  3. Thanks. Probably not worth sending anything at this point, bit hard to say what is and is not available just yet. A lot of people are panic buying, so its getting a bit hard to find supplies, but they are around if you look.
  4. TRA, as Chef has kindly mentioned, please let us know (me included) if there is anything we can do to assist.
    Best of luck with it all mate.
  5. No probs. don't suppose you've heard from pobblebonk? Haven't seen her post in the last 24hrs :(
  6. TRA, I'll see if I can get in touch with our cleaning contractor and see what he's got/where he gets it.
  7. Those signs did make for some interesting 'Captain Obvious' type pics...this one from just near my place...

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  8. Nope. My plan was to head out that way to offer help, but I think I am more usefull close to home.

    Our Volunteer Marine Rescue guys left yesterday with a boat in tow to try an help out up there. They might run into pobblebonk!

    Yeah thanks. Would be appreciated. I am going to start ringing around the local cleaning suppliers tomorrow and see if they will fess up with some trade pricing.
  9. Everyone is calling it BrisVenice now!!
  10. :LOL: oh dear

    A few of those thrown together would make a good calendar to flog off to the southern states for raising funds.

    :LOL: oh dear
  11. Contractor is calling me in the morning, plus shot an email to our facilities manager. Hopefully I can scrounge something up for you :)
  12. track down the nearest army guys out and about, and ask them what it would take for them to get you a 20L Simple Green. It does just about any job, can be a bit rough on your hands.

    If they have moved on from that, then head to your nearest catering place, and buy up on some Supermix 3 or D3, its a heavy duty degreaser, and will lift most things. The All Purpose hand wash(it is green/D1 from memory) Does pretty much everything but heavy grease.
  13. I always figured those "Water over road" Signs were more meant for people out driving at night, I know in Cairns we have the Monsoon season and it would get some local flooding every year, it was damn hard to make out the where the road ended and the water began.

    Mind you, you have to allow for the Idiot factor, even in broad daylight, some tool will just drive into the water and then sue the Council or Government stating that there was no sign advising there was water over the road.
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  15. Maccas has good degreaser stuff too....may be worth trying McKey in Brissy...