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help...naked sv650 vs sv650s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bluepill, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. hi guys
    i have been reading through the great content in these forums and are 90% sold on a new sv650 but are not sure which is better for me, the naked or the s model... i like the look of the naked heaps more, and here in australia you do not get the full fairing version (im not a big fan of the 1/4 pointy bikini look)

    so today i rode the sv650s and a sv1000 (naked), and well i have test rode the cagiva raptor before but the sv1000 was much more upright, to the point where i didnt know what to do when i came to a corner my brain kept switching into dirt bike mode and im not sure that is a good thing (raced dirt bikes when i was much younger).
    i found the sv1000 more like a vtr250, and well i was hoping it was going to be more like the raptor which has a more agressive riding position (but still upright)

    recently i have also rode the vtr1000f and an r6 (not mine) and my honda spada (mine), my question is has anyone gone from a clip on style bike to the SV650/1000 naked? and if so did you get used to it?

    i def felt more attached to the road on the s model, and its very similar to the firestorm i think..but yeh im confused...this is my first new road bike so im not rushing but at the same time they are hard to get test rides on here

    i would be greatful for any feedback or peoples experience on this
  2. heh heh, you started out asking one question and changed it to three others before you got to the end.

    Let me have my say on naked vs small fairing. Get the one with the fairing. No matter what sort of riding you are doing, even it it's just commuting, a small fairing makes a naked bike much more civilised and easy to live with. And if you're doing any touring, you will get a couple of hundred more kilometres in in a day if you're not having your arms wrenched out of their sockets by the wind.

    Here endeth the lesson, let's sing :LOL:.
  3. + 1 and you have not said what sort of riding you will be doing. You'll get different answers to the upright question if we know what you want to do.
  4. Not quite true. Fairing vs naked is much more complicated than that. I am more comfortable, more relaxed and in much better condition at the end of a day on the Tuono than I ever was on either the 1000rr, 929rr or the CBR600. Seating position, overall posture and the ability to move around/adjust position is equally, if not more important than whether your bike has a fairing. No point in being able to do 700km in a day if you need the services of an osteopath at the end of every ride.

    To answer one particular question in the OP, I went from a CBR1000rr to a Aprilia Tuono, two extremely different styles. It took less than 10minutes to feel comfortable and relaxed. A friend went from a VFR800 to an 05 Tuono and felt the same. Neither of us regret our moves at all.

    I've done just over 26,000km in the year, in that 3 tours where daily average km's was about 400-500km. Without fail, I would get off the bike, brain frazzled but body perfect. Those on sports bikes would get off their bikes totally shagged, with only those on Tourers (a particular ST2 comes to mind!) on a par with my physical state.

    The Tuono is extremely comfortable to just under 160kmh (it's been rumoured..!) and a slight adjustment to the upper body position to a partial crouch sees most wind flow over the head. The upright position permits great visibility and saves the weight loading on wrists and forearms. Most nakeds come with flat or slight riser bars and these are also great for countersteering. The bars are in the same plane as your natural elbow position and you don't need to contort yourself to turn the bike.

    Most nakeds have a loyal following and an accessory catalogue that has small deflector fairings that fit around or over the headlights, making the position even more comfortable.
  5. Most nakeds have a loyal following and an accessory catalogue that has small deflector fairings that fit around or over the headlights, making the position even more comfortable.

    Which, in different words, is pretty much what I said :?.
  6. I've got the sv650s. Haven't ridden it much yet, but it is far far different in riding position in comparison to sv650. If I was going to only commute and not go on longer trips + faster trips, I'd have gone the unfaired version, stuck some renthal bars on and gone for gold.
  7. And since when were motorcycles supposed to be civilised? Naked naked naked. Oi oi oi. Naked bikes rock, naked bikes rule, fear not, the riding position won't feel unnatural for long.

    I had a Hornet9 with a small screen, but it didn't take me long to realise that small screens make baby jebus cry. I removed it and all was right with the world again. Right now I own a faired sportsbike and it's driving me up the wall. Bikes are made to be naked.
  8. around town i prefer the naked. how ever on big days, ie 1000kms plus, you appreciate the fairing, especially if it rains. the half fairing like on the SV is the best of both world imho, all the protection of a fairing with the ease of access for maintinance.
  9. hey guys
    all great feedback thanks!!

    i do prefer the naked look, but fun riding may take some getting used too...cejay practicality aside:) how did you find cornering on the Tuono after getting off the cbr?
  10. I'm on an sv650s and after being in the saddle for around 6 hours yesterday (including a fantastic trip to Mt Baw Baw) I've convinced myself to get a bike with a more upright position. The downhill stretch was really uncomfortable for me after a while as I was trying to keep the pressure off the bars and my (obviously limp) wrists. By the time it came to the last 20kms through boring suburbia I was shagged and just wanted to be home!

    Yesterday also started with a test ride on a Speed Triple which has no doubt swayed me somewhat...

    Horses for courses though innit? I want to be comfortable on my daily commute to work, I want to enjoy the trip out to the twisties, and then I want to be able to fang through the hills. As for gettin wet when it rains and feeling a bit of of windblast on the highways... pfffft! Doesn't bother me.

    Sounds like you're test-riding plenty so you're bound to make the right decision.
  11. hey kris
    did you ride the naked as well when you bought the SVs?
  12. No. I was young and stupid (7 months ago) and was in love with the svs. I found a 2003 model in silver (favourite colour) and when the owner fired her up I practically wet myself at the sound of the yoshi pipe. <SOLD!> :LOL:

    Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic bike with a peach of an engine. I've started to find the budget suspension a bit limiting/annoying though, and I've been weighing the option of fork emulators vs different bike.

    Still not sure what to do. I've really fallen for the Speed Triple but cashola is an issue!
  13. yeh the speed triple is appealing, but im not sure it would be too comfortable for the missus on the back, plus from what i have read it starts adding up when adding running costs to the budget. i havent rode one yet and are trying to stay under 11k on road with insurance

    i also noticed the dive in the front when i took both sv's for ride, i have been looking at the cagiva raptor for this reason but after reading some horror stories with parts and dealer support the sv adds up...plus cheaper and a wealth of after market parts and support...kris any $ estimation on fixing the front forks?

    also has anyone looked into the cost of a lower fairing kit for the svs? i saw a few posts a little while back which mentioned around 1700:(...wonder if the asian after market machine has started producing them?
  14. You can get the lower fairings shipped here for maybe 700ish, but either second hand or unpainted at that price, unless you get lucky.

    As to the suspension, I haven't ridden my SV properly yet (license restrictions), but this week I'm getting heaver oil+springs and emulators. It shouldn't cost too much, maybe 200ish if you're lucky. As to the rear suspension, I'm going to get a zx6r/zx10r shock (fits 99-02 SVs) and put that in when I find a good one from ebay (can get one for 100 delivered if you look hard enough).
  15. Emulators and/or a front suspension workover will cost you less than $500. A new rear shock between $500 and $1000 depending on what and who you buy it from. What year Speed Triple? And do you mean Speed or Street, as there's 400cc difference in capacity.

    As I said, I've ridden faired sports bikes all my life. The Tuono is my first bike that's not using clipons and I am kicking myself that I stayed with sportsbikes so long.

    Read Phizog's comments. I am talking new parts, not Ebay.
  16. I went for the ER6 because it is naked and an upright sitting position. previously had a sport bike that handled well but was uncomfortable to ride for more than an hour or two and a faired bike that had a lot of wind noise from the buffeting.
    this one is comfortable and quiet
  17. i went for the S. i didnt test ride the naked, but considering i was looking at sports bikes this was a bit of a compromise as it was. i use the bike for commuting and as my main form or transport, and find my wrists get a little sore, but all in all its manageable. ive ridden in the wet, and find the protection from the bikini fairing is actually pretty good.

    i think if you are going to use it as your main form of transport, you are better off with the little bit of protection the fairing gives you.. they do tend to dive a bit in the front, but unless you are getting something with full adjustment on the front end, ive found most bikes do. i find riding the SV S a pleasure, and after stiffing up the rear suspension, not bad in that regard either. eventually ill get the zx10R rear, and the valving etc. done on the front, but it does what i want it to do right now, so im not overly concerned.

    i think you might want to try and take both for an extended test ride in the end, as said, its horses for courses.
  18. Speed Triple's the one I want. Not that there's anything wrong with the Street except the waiting period, but I'm thinking if I got my hands on a Speed Triple, even the previous generation with the 955i guts in it, it could be a bike I'd keep for a long time.

    My bike buddies recommended a litre bike straight away once I'd 'graduated' from my Ls, saying I'd get bored with a middleweight, but I thought I'd make a more gradual progression. 6 months later and I'm bored! Could just be my short attention span.... Like I said, I still reckon the sv650s are great bikes. For me the Suzi's become like a dumb blonde though... Something I desperately wanted and then found to have no personality!

    BUT, tons of people love 'em to bits, so don't let me talk you out of it. I was thinking of getting the forks sorted at ProMecha: http://www.promecha.com.au/roadbike_products.htm with a ProValve Damping Control Kit, but for now that's on hold.
  19. For unadulterated riding pleasure, get the naked.
  20. So, just to confuse things....

    Is there anything stopping you from getting the S, taking the fairings off and replacing the headlight with an aftermarket?

    *duck any flying spanners*