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HELP my hornet wont start T.T

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by im.on.it, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Three very happy days of riding and then... 2 minutes away from my house, I got nervous at an intersection (Stop looking DOWN!!)
    Very sadly I layed the bike down while stopped at an intersection. I'm ok the bike's ok, some fuel leaked out, the mirror needed readjusting but the poor baby won't start. So I wheeled her home only about 300m downhill, funny thing is the alarm starts going off half way down the hill. very :cool: :grin:

    I've tried leaving it for a whole afternoon, in case the carbs flooded, checked the battery and it's charged, i don't know how to pull out the plugs, checked my kill switch, checked the tank switch (for some reason it was in RES?? changed back to OFF) also tried removing the alarm system from power source, have no idea why she won't start.
    I'm not well minded mechanics wise, any other easy checks I can look for before calling in a mechanic?
    Anybody know any mobile mechanics that work on weekends? Don't really want to call lube mobile. :mad:

    Symptoms: the lights are dimmed but they are on. hitting start button it tries to crank makes a slight cliking noise, but no sweet sounding kittt kitt kitt vrrrooom.
  2. When you where pushing that 300 meters downhill :LOL: did you try and push start it.

    sounds like a battery problem. Have you checked it?
  3. 100% Sure the battery's charged???

    It sounds like a flat battery from trying to start it after the crash and the alarm draining all of it's power.
  4. agree
    that's what my hornet sounded like after not starting it for 4 months.
    highly suggest you try charging the battery for 6 hours.
  5. Or push starting it and going for a looooong ride (Which would be more fun :) )
  6. yes, or push starting it - either should work.

    after I dropped my BF's kwaka zzr, i had the same problem. bike flooded from being dropped, tried to start it & flattened the battery. push starting didn't work, just made us tired!
    in the end had to take the plugs out & clean them, then push start it.
  7. Lying down may have drained battery fluids. Check for levels before charging or you will buckle plates and stuff battery.

    Check connections as well specially the Neg (-)
  8. This may sound like a silly question but have you turned the fuel switch to on? :)
  9. After trying to start it again a few times before, which may have contributed to the battery going flat. While rolling down the hill I gave the start button a push too, I think that's when the alarm started to go off. I checked the battery with a (make-shift) volt meter there was a good charge left then I checked the contacts and even sanded them a little. Thre was no moisture around the battery, so I don't think the fluids have drained. but they could have spilled internally.

    Will try getting the battery checked again.
  10. umm no. Silly questions are the best ones. I'll give that a go before ripping the battery out again.
  11. Thanks for the rapide responses everyone. ermm (silly question) how does one try push starting a bike? I have the convenience of a steep driveway but then an up hill ride away from driveway, (it's a crt so nothing in the other direction - so i basically get one chance.

    I should be in neutral right?
  12. XD @ the anime emoticon in the thread title.
  13. Ha ha that was my intention but it didn't look right in BOLD
  14. How great is it buying from another netrider. This community just keeps getting better and better.

    Keith has just called me and will pop over to take a look for me.

    You had me at hello. (tear) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Put it in second, pull the clutch in and get the bike rolling and then drop the clutch when you're moving.

    Just make sure you have enough run off room.
  16. could be your spark plugs got wet. if absolutely nothing happens when you push the start button it could be your starter motor.

    sometimes the kill switch appears to be engaged when its been tapped slightly. switch kill off then on and put a bit o pressure on it when you switch it to the on possition.
  17. Just needed a charge for 10 min and it turned over 1st time.

    It had been run so low it didnt have enough power to do anything.

    All fixed easy job.
    I didnt do it though but watched Metro-Man (roughcactus) fix it up.
  18. :grin: need a bigger grinning smilie?

    Thanks so much Keith. only 14 very slow days till you're off restrictions.

    Nice meeting ya today Stookie.

    Thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions, in the end it was just the battery. I will have to invest in a charger.
  19. Nee wanna go for a quick squirt somewhere now ?

    I sent you a pM so let me know and we can give the bike a little run if you like.
  20. I agree on the leaked fluids.
    Check oil level, Check battery electrolyte. And put the tank switch in prime or on. I suspect the carb bowls drained of fuel and it either flooded when you dropped it, or it's starving for fuel, which is likely.

    Regards, Andrew.