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Help my choose my next bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MC_Elzee, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hi all -- I'm new around here! I have had my bike licence for 23 years but haven't ridden for about 19 of them ... lol. I recently bought a scooter for the commute to work and totally have the bug again. I want (or is that need!) to get a bike, and really like the look of the Skyteam Ace 125 -- cheap and cheerful commuter (my avatar pic). My question is this -- will I have it for five minutes and then want to upgrade to something bigger? I love the look of the Royal Enfield Bullet B5 500cc but have only ever ridden 250s and am wondering if it would be too heavy for me (I am 168cm and a bit of a weakling ;) ). Has anyone got one?

    I am a sucker for the cafe racer style also so if anyone has tips of fantastic rides along these lines I would love to hear them.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated (y)

  2. If you're already looking to move up from the Scooter, I think you'll get bored with it.
  3. Thanks, Aly -- what do you ride?
  4. Cant really say I'm riding at the moment but I have a Ninja 250
  5. Hmmmm.... comes boxed, ready for self assembly.... hmmm....

    I get the look you are after , but is this the way to go? Is it even registrable?

    Maybe up the ante a bit and look at a Thruxton or a Guzzi V7?
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  6. Wasn't this posted in the girls forum???
  7. I posted it in both, Aly, but not sure why both thread have merged?? I put a 'sorry for the overlap' message in -- but can't see it now. Newbie-fail ;). Thanks, Titus -- yes, you can register them, and bike shops are starting to offer them assembled and registered at a $1K+ mark-up. But I am already thinking Aly is right and I would get bored pretty quickly. Will check out the bikes you've mentioned -- cheers :)
  8. +1 on the Guzzi ... nice bit of gear there :)

    I also like the Triumph bonny .. has that retro look.

    However the Op might want to look at the Suzuki TU250x as a starting point ... cheap and cheerful and a moderate step up from the scooter ... not too heavy or intimidating... and an easy keeper even after a later upgrade.