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help! my cb250 has broken down!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by livingstonest, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. had the bike a cb250 2000 model with 30,000km for a month now. have put only 1500km on it. an hour ago i was at my local carpark practicing u-turns and slow turns etc and now the bike won't work!!

    1. engine still works
    2. in first gear the bike will move to about 2rpm and any higher and there's no power. 2nd 3rd etc gears do not work at all. motor runs but there's no power, its like i'm holding the clutch in even though its fully out.
    3. i thought it was the clutch not fully disengaging so was playing around with that and no help. i totally disengaged clutch from engine and it runs like the clutch is still in
    4. with the engine off i can still roll the bike around in 1st gear. only has minor resistance.
    5. bike will go max 10km/h in first gear, if i give more gas engine revs but no power.

    i fear i may have damaged the gears/clutch somehow. i checked oil and its still good

    what i was doing at the time was leaving clutch at 50/50, with throttle giving 3-4rpm, and back break on just practicing slow speed stuff.

    housemate picked me up and now bike is just sitting in the carpark

    any suggestions as to what it may be? anybody?
  2. clutch definitley
    also check the clutch cable hasnt come loose.
  3. More info on how you disengaged the clutch??

    It does sound like the clutch is still engaged. Otherwise some other part of the drivetrain is slipping.

    Can honestly say this has never happened with mine (93mod with 40+k) so I"m a bit stumped. :?
  4. RIP one clutch.
  5. Burned out cluch plates?? but even after 30K it should be good on a CB250... was this bike ever used by a riding school??

    Go over the cluch cable and see if it is not stuck any where... practicing U turns could have damaged/pinched some how...
  6. sorry i don't know the first thing about bikes

    ok disengaged clutch by:

    -when i pull in clutch, i see the cable which leads to the engine pull a lever up. now i removed the cable attachment to this lever.
    -my thinking was since it feels like the clutch is engaged, if i removed the clutch cable to engine then the engine should work as if the clutch is disengaged. but it made no difference!
  7. damn! so the clutch plates are burnt?

    goddamit!! i bought this from a dealer who said that there was only one owner before me, a woman.....i just wanted something super reliable and up until this point it was perfect! hope its something simple or else i've been had!

    i was only in the carpark for like 10minutes max....is it possible to burn it in that amount of time? i did a pre-provisional course on friday and i was just doing the exact same stuff then as i was in the carpark....slow moving with 50/50 clutch, 3-4rpm....surely this can't have damaged the plates/engine/drivetrain in anyway???
  8. You said that you continously rode the clutch, sounds like you have done a right royal job of burning out the plates.

    Oil will be pretty dark though if that is the case.
  9. see what happens tomorrow
    The oil and plates have cooled and maybe there will be more friction.
    Seems to me if the clutch does engage tomorrow change your oil asap.
    From what you have described you have overcooked the clutch.
  10. You can burn out clutch plates in less time than that if you try. You have an answer to the problem unfortunately :cry: . Try it in the morning when everything's cooled down but I don't like your chances.

    Once you have your L's you don't really need to practice the slow ride. You do it all the time in traffic so you don't get much chance to forget. I'd say you bought a good bike just as the dealer said. The CB's are really solid and love it whenyou wring their neck, but you will get problems if you do stuff they weren't designed for. However, if you buy a CB then replace the clutch though a learning experience, it's still a good deal. At least you didn't forget to put oil in it. :D
  11. geez.....thanks a bunch guys!! very helpful....!!

    now that really annoys me cause the way i ride i used to never ride the clutch.......i mean i drive a manual car and i know that your just not supposed to do that!!

    i just don't get it cause in my 3hr lesson the other day the guy told us to do just that, ride the clutch, so i just did and practice what i was told as far as i can see..... goddamn annoying!!

    any idea how much a new clutch plate gonna cost me?
  12. i think you guys are right by the way.......cause the engine was pretty hot to touch
  13. There are quite a few 'plates', the good thing about a bike like the cb is the ease of getting to the clutch, drop the footpegs, remove the kicker and the clutch cover, Whammo you're half way there.
  14. Riding the clutch might be the easiest way to do it and the instructor has to cater to the lowest skill level. Unfortunately the easiest thing for the rider doesn't always go the same for the bike.

    No idea on how much it'll cost but if you add it to the cost of the bike and then divide that by the number of days you ride it before selling, you'll be happy with the theoretical rental rate. :D
  15. thanks heaps for all your comments, very helpful.......i feel better now that i know wat's goin on.....although very annoyed with myself!! :)

    all i gotta worry bout now is how to get it to the shop?
  16. Bugger! I've ridden my clutch on Bond almost to death but as the CB 250 is virtuaally bomb proof I've never burn't it out! Contact your mechanic he'll be able to advise you of a transport company. In Melb the best one is Motorcycle Logistics! Night before last I saw one of the locals on his bike running really crappy being towed by a commodore wagon with what looked like a tie down!
  17. So what was the verdict?
  18. in about 1hr i'm gonna go back to the carpark, and if its still there i'll give it another go now that the engine's cooled....

    if it wont then i'll get it towed to mechanic tomoro
  19. Well How did you go?
  20. tried the bike few hours ago. exactly the same.

    from what the other netriders have said and what i've read up on it definitely sounds like something's going on with the clutch. my best guess is that it is in fact burnt

    tomoro i'll get the shop to pick it up at the carpark if its still there and fix it i hope!