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Help, my Bike wont start.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by janefontane, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. HELLO.
    so I went away for 2.5 months and left my bike. It was meant to be started every few days to keep it going but it wasn't done. So my battery died which I replaced so now it is turning over but not catching. I think it's probbly the spark plugs but i can't find them to fix them. and it's not in the manual. I'm new at this bike fixing thing so i'm trying here but i need help and it needs to start so that i can take it to the shop for them to fix everything else wrong with it.

    its a Honda CB250 and i just need to know how to check the spark plugs and whether anyone has any other ideas on why it won't start.

  2. Hi and welcome.

    CB250?? aren't the spark plugs right out in the open??? theyre the bits at the top of the engine with leads going to them. (not meanning to sound condascending here, still getting to grips with it myself)

    But you are right it could be the plugs are dirty... OR fuel is not getting to the engine. Possibly other things as well.

    Does the bike have fuel in the tank???
    is the fuel tap turned on??

    you nay also have a blockage in the fuel lines or the filter is clogged up.

    hope some of this helps with what to check.....dunno if your manual provides any help in this area.
  3. Hi Jane, most of the reasons it won't start would be fuel related I reckon, it's rare for the spark plug to suddenly fail.

    Things to check:

    - Killswitch on bars is to 'on'
    - Fuel tap is turned on
    - Ignition lead is on the spark plug
    - You have fuel/fuel tap turned to 'on'

    Yep it sounds a bit basic, but it could be any of these things.

    Most bikes take a while to start when left sitting due to fuel in the carb fuel bowls drying up. It usually takes a bit of patience, the bike won't fire until these are filled.

    It's likely that your battery will die before fuel gets to the engine, if so just jump it off a running car, persist! Using your choke can help speed it up. Hope that helps.
  4. knew i forgot to mention something...... kill switch is important. Bike no go if it's been triggered.
  5. Hi.
    yeah thanks. I found the spark plugs but they look ok. i'm gonna give it some time in case the fuel line just needs to get pumping. here's hoping it miraculously starts.
  6. might be obvious jane but do you have petrol in the tank?
  7. miracles do happen!

    it worked! the fuel lines must just have needed some time. I feel like a mechanic!

    thanks for all your help.