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help, my bike tries to start but won't

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by abvc, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. i turned the choke on couple of times last time while replacing the handle bar and might flood the carb?

    it just crank but won't start. i've tried turning the throttle 1/2 way open while cranking, but it didn't work either
  2. Mine has done that a few times when i've flooded it.

    What I do is use very very little throttle maybe even none, make sure the battery has charge and keep cranking it until it starts.

  3. What sort of bike?
    What usually works when this occurs turn it full throttle then crank.
  4. gpx 250 with carb.

    oh now i get a little bit of sign the motor trying to work... should i keep trying with no choke instead of draining the carb?
  5. Try it with no choke, that should work
  6. Did you check the kill switch??? :LOL:
  7. yeh i got it started :LOL:

    finally after many start attempt with throttle mix inbetween the motor started to pick up.. then another attempt with choke... voila :grin:
  8. YEAH!!! now take that little bike for a victory lap!!

    I'm stuck at home, Geepy is crying in the garage, kids are on the PS...

    while my husband is at the Honda Dealer being the Test Ride Guy :mad:
  9. i wish :LOL: i could only warm it up

    the wheel still are not aligned

    why dont ya test ride as well (pillion test) :grin:
  10. ? balanced or aligned?

    What's the problem?
  11. unaligned.

    it's sort of angled to the right from the top.
  12. Front or back?
  13. Yeah if its just not straight with the handlebars, perhaps the tripple clamp just has a bit of an issue. Can happen if you drop it. With someone sitting (and holding on firmly) on the bike, with the wheel turned the appropriate way, give the front wheel a good kick, then check alignment and repeat until you get it right.

    Thats assuming its what I'm describing. Don't shoot me if I'm wrong :grin:
  14. both

    with front, it's turned to the right

    phizog: na i'm gonna do in a more civil way :p
  15. cant fault the phizog way. works well. it gets complicated if you loosen the fork clamps as the forks may just slide through... i cant imagine the kicking method making the wheel less true.

    i dont know what to do for the rear though.if its at an angle to the length of the bike. like the front wheel you can use the adjusting bolts on the rear of the swingarm. just loosen the axle bolt first.

    good way of knowing if they are inline is a piece of string from front to back(depending on the bike)