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N/A | National HELP - Moving to oz - bike import!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rixxy, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    SO im desperate for some help from the other side of the world!

    Heres my situation - i bought a new blade in june last year, im moving to Oz with my ozzy wife and we leave the uk at the end of June this year. I had a accident and wrote off my bike in August and so the insurance company gave me a new bike in november 2010.

    Also im not just heading over to oz, we are riding round the world for 18 months on a KTM 990 adventure coming from the UK to Oz.

    Import rules state the following

    1 - i must have owned the bike for a year and had sole use of it. This i nearly have and no they wont take into consideration the bike i bought but the one which the insurance company issued me.

    2- it says for the 12 month previous i must have had constant use/access of the vehicle. - Now im not even in the uk for 12 - 18 months as we are riding across so this is also an issue.

    I want to know is there another way, i love my blade i use it mostly on track, so can i ship it as a track bike? Then register it after a number of months? I have spent a small fortune on her and really do not want to have to lose out!

    If anyone can help that would be great!!](*,)

    Rixxy - londonbiker
  2. That's going to be awkward, I presume you are looking at relocating permanently?

    1. File the personal import paperwork in November from wherever you happen to be in the world at the time. Keep the bike insured, registered, etc....the evidence that they will ask for to demonstrate that you have had access to it will include these things in addition to bills for servicing, etc. They will also want photocopies of your passport to prove where you were during the period....so take photocopies of your passport pages before you start traveling. :)

    2. Bring it in as a temporary import then re-export it again (maybe to NZ) after 12 months