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Help !! MOST on tuesday & bike's in trouble

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by McLvn, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. ARRRGH !!

    She hasn't been treated well during the past two weeks.

    A week ago she ran out of petrol (I had turned it to reserve) I added 4 litres of Shell then topped the rest up with BP. I've been riding in the rain and had left her out in it one night.

    It strarted on the ride home from work today an hour ago. Revs fine but clutch isn't engaging. She is past 6000km service by 500. The engine oil after I got home had a little froth in the window which dissapeared after 5 minutes. At 1000-5000 she's not happy (feels breathless) 1st - 2nd gear. 3rd - 4th gear same thing but as soon as I try past 6000 she jumps up according to how hard my wrist is twisting with no bite.

    I'm scared about what damage has occured, aggravating it (don't own a car) and what will happen on Tuesday (MOST test) I have her booked in at Lloyd Penn's next Wednesday but till then I have the above issues to address.
  2. Huh? I don't know if there was a question in there....

    Sound like your clutch may be incorrectly adjusted, or you have used the wrong type of oil? One with friction modifiers maybe.

    What type of bike is it?

    Froth in the oil is normal, 500 overdue for a service won't instantly damage anything, but oil is cheap insurance, change it often.

    Sounds like clutch to me... Hope this helps, get us some more info! :grin:
  3. Thanks for the quick reply.

    It's a vtr250 so she's bulletproof. I'm guessing the clutch isn't engaging as well. There's a little gap at the top where the steel wire is exposed and I'm wondering if water could have seeped in.

    Every thing was fine this morning and it's been under cover except that one night.

    Just a moment ago I was checking it and the clutch actually stayed in position for a few seconds when squeezed in, before popping back out. So I'm unsure as to whether it is an adjustment thing or lubricant thing.

    I'm thinking lube, problem is I still don't know how to fix it or if a week and half of riding will further damage it, not to mention if this will affect MOST test.
  4. So the clutch lever doesn't return when you let it go yes?

    You can probably get it acceptable with liberal application of WD-40 at both ends, & if you can, pop down to a bike shop & get your self a pressure cable luber (grab one any way, only cost $10 very handy).

    You may need to replace the cable if has started to rust on the inside, should only be around $30.

    Let us know how you go!
  5. thanks MV much appreciated, sorry if thread made little sense, was anxious and worried. Hope it works out with WD40. Will let you know how it goes.
  6. Good luck with your bike and your test!
  7. WD40 has worked out. Thing is I don't wash my bike and the crap that had built up on her had been washed onto where the cable meets the block. It had dried out and was very stiff, obstructing the action. WD40 and a brush off has returned her to new.

    Doh !! Didn't think of that occuring. Anyhow MOST tomorrow Hope I can keep a lid on my riding.
  8. and the moral to the storey is.
    wash ya f_cken bike..
    good luck though. im sure you will breeze it in
  9. It'd be a good idea to take the cable off and inspect it carefully (replace if broken strands) and lube it with oil as the WD40 will get sticky when it dries. Also check the manual and go through the clutch pushrod adjustment procedure, then adjust the cable.
  10. I'm thinking that with the OP's maintenance history and general complacency for his mode of transport that ain't going to happen. :roll: