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help meeee [Melb]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by skivi, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. hi all
    i know youre all probably really sick of kids like me with nOOb questions but please hear me out and throw some advice my way :)

    im Nick, 17 and 10 months old and i live in good old Melbourne.

    (if this helps) i have been riding mountain bikes since i was 8 and have been road riding on beach road for the last 6 years. i love my pushi a ride everyday, i do dirt jups, skatepark and downhill. I fell in love with motorbikes a few years ago and unbvelievably have never riden one :-O i do however have a very high performance 33cc scoter :p that i muck around on occasionally.

    ok so im nearly eligable for my L's and i have my life savings ($4000-$5000) waiting to be exchanged for a bike and everything else!
    heres my questions:
    A) where is the ideal place to go for my L's considering im poor and havent riden a bike, also do i need my own bike for the test??
    8) (second hand) which bike to get? so far im thinking 99/00 ish XR (or similar)200/250cc or '98 ish cagiva mito 125 or aprilia rs125?

    i know a trailie would be cheaper to buy and run etc but im only going to be riding on road so would supermoto tyres be wise or should i just go with a mito or rs or gpx or something????



  2. A: motorcycle motion are very good (in moorabbin). where abouts in Melbourne are you? You can do a 'refresher/new rider' 4 hour course before going for your Ls but most people can get their L's in the course + licence (4 hours all up) the first time. It really isn't hard and the instructors have been teaching people for a long time (well, hopefully) so they know how to teach people to get their Ls

    2: Don't know but remeber to factor equipment (helmet, gloves, pants, jacket, usually $1000-$1500 is something to help work out your budget) when buying your first bike.
  3. HART, and no you don't need your own bike.
  4. Welcome skivi. Always a pleasure to help out noobs, and plenty of people here have recently been down the same path and can answer all your questions......
  5. I wouldn't recommend either the Cagiva mito 125 or the Aprillia RS125 as a learner bike.

    They are very high maintenance, and unless you are capable of pulling the engines apart reguarly to keep them running well then they'll forever be in the shop and cost you a fortune.

    If you have $4000 to $5000 then reserve $500 to $1000 for riding gear and spend the rest on the bike.

    Suitable road bikes in your price range include the GPX250, the Spada, the Across, the CB250 and several others.

    An XR250 would do also, but if you are only riding on the road there are better choices.
  6. Pay $5 to become a member here and you can get a discount on your test at MTA in dandenong and save on your riding gear if you get it at bikemart, saves a bit of money and is very useful if you are on a budget.

    Membership form
    Discount Partners , bikemart isn't on the partners page but you get a 10% discount there.

    Plus you get the cool member logo next to your name :p
  7. keep the help commin; everyone :D

    well i want to spend about $3,500 - to max $4,000 on the bike and the rest on safety gear (my folks will pay for tests etc for my 18th pressie :) )
    considering my lack of large qautities of money thats why im leaning towards and xr200r or simillar as ive seen 'em in good nick with low k'm with rego around 1999 for about $3,500. This is a lot cheaper than a mito etc but way less cool. Also any riders out there who have gone the trailie option and/or converted to supermoto set up????

    thanks so much keep it comming,
  8. Stay Upright at Hoppers Crossing run L classes and they have their own bikes

    Any 250 4stroke roady would be better to learn on.
  9. Motorcycle motion in Moorabbin, or one of the HART centres for your Learner course.

    As for bikes, sorry mate you'll just have to go ride a few to figure out what you like! Tough, I know!
  10. yeah hart sounds good and i think theres one not to far away from me

    loz sorry but if i was selling my $2,000 pushi i wouldent want some kid who has never riden before to give it a go on my bike, so why would people selling expensive motorbikes want me to learn to ride on the bike their trying to sell :S i dont mean to be rude i just think im gonna have to purchase a bike on what others have told me plus how it initially feels. :( so thats why im asking for tons of advice of you happy folks!!
  11. Some sellers will take a deposit in the event you do some damage to their bike.
    Other new to the market buyers get an experianced friend to test ride the bike for them.

    Good luck! :)
  12. Skivi
    Don't pay a fortune for your First bike hunny

    this is where i got my first after 23 years of being on others bikes
    Piston Broke in Bayswater
    has 18 bike for sale at the moment

    also i went to MTA in Dandenong

    after 23 years of letting my L's lapse(had a daughter 1983 )
    (I passed L's Again :oops: June 2005 )
    I went back to MTA and got my P's there december 2005 :applause:
    they are great instructors Mike is my Favorite [-X he just had a baby Dec 2005 also <well his wife did :applause:

    Skivi It does help if we know what area you live in (suburb) :?
    :shock: wwooppzz i see you are in Parkdale :?

    in Kilsyth there is HART

    and there is also another place called DECA
  13. why get a dirt bike orientated bike if you're purely road riding? you mentioned the rs 125 etc, so you must like the sporty look, so why not get a more reliable 4 stroke sports bike (if a 250 can be sporty that is) cbr, zzr, across, fzr etc. you can easily afford a decent example of most of those with $4,000.

    stuff getting a cb250, you'll fall asleep on it from boredom and write it and you off :p instead get a clean sports for 4k and then sell it in 15 months for the same price as what you paid for it, by far the best option.

    and don't listen to people who say 'you'll probably crash your first bike' if you take it easy you should be able to keep it in one piece.

    welcome to the forum :)
  14. 17 yrs AND 10 months eh? Mate you must be really hanging out to turn 18?

    I agree with Seany, go HART and look at a CB250

    Welcome to NR ;)
  15. ok the plan: (once i turn 18 in 8 weeks not that im counting :p)

    1) take the free HART "try it" rider training session
    2) decide if i want to get my L's (highly likely i will abso-farkin-lutely:p)
    3) Go for my L's
    4) Gather all the advice i can possibly fit in my head on what bike to get, narrow it down, shop around, test ride at shops if applicable, take knowlagable dad and family friend to inspect bike i like and when shopping for gear.
    5) Exchange it all for my hard earned mu'-ahh for gear and bike
    6) Ride/study for yr12
    7) finish yr12 with 99.8 :p

    hrmm sounds good :p

    so just kep that help flowin ;)

  16. :applause: sounds Good Nick :biker:
  17. Obviously being inexperienced/unlicenced is going to make it difficult to road test bikes however this doesn't stop you from at least sitting on a few to see if that particular model feels right (try a few at dealers or go along to a coffee night and ask the 250 owners nicely if you can try sitting on their bike). Once you know what bike you want you check out the forsales/dealers then get an experienced rider/mechanic to check it out and make sure it's not a dud. Then learn to ride it. Really there's no point worrying if one bike has slightly better brakes/handling whatever than another, what you need is something reliable (and something you like) so you can spend as much time on the road as possible perfecting your riding.
  18. Have things changed? I thought L's could be obtained much earlier than at 18 years of age?
  19. 17 and 9 months it is.