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Help.. Mechanic Near Peter Steven's

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by crinkelcut_chip, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Alright, so my insurance replacement ninja I've been told is coming from peter Steven's (elizabeth st) (insurance arranged.. not by choice)

    P.S's have called to say its due in the next week or so

    After reading some threads on peter stevens servicing department, and some stories about how new bikes have been presented to customers, and more recently a mate of mine picking up a new bike with half a dozen things not done properly that should been-
    well.. my confidence in them has been diminished to say the least..

    I'm half expecting to walk into peter stevens, them say congratulations here is your new bike.. me walk over,
    and me have to promptly tell them they've forgotten to put the handle bars on... or the wheels..

    and with me having about 2 tenths of F*All mechanical knowledge when it comes to bikes (plan on changing this)
    I've decided that I want to immediately have it looked at and checked over by another mechanic before I ride it home,

    So... am I being overly cautions ?
    and either way, who would you recommend.. preferably looking for someone as close as possible to PS.


  2. What's so funny? PS suck.

    Anyway, perhaps just ask if there is someone here on NR that can go with you when you pick it up who can take a look over it for you. It'd be cheaper than getting a mechanic to do it and there is a lot of knowledge on this site.

    Best of luck :)
  3. +1 Dougz
    I'm sure you'll find someone here that will accompany you and look it over for ya.
  4. which PS?
  6. :rofl:

    Wow, the level of support for PS is stupendous!

    Maybe we can arrange a ride to the store while you pick your bike, have 100 or so netriders go over your bike before you ride it :LOL:
  7. time permitting (which can be hard because I'm working full-time)

    I can with you.
  8. someone I know bought a gix from a dealer (not PS) and they neglected to put the rear brake on properly. so it's good to just check that things that are suppose to be bolted on properly are.
  9. good idea, thanks for that :)
  10. cheers erewego :).. I'll PM you when I get a pickup date see if you can make it.

    Heard back from PS's :roll:
    The.. "person"... called me to tell me there was a problem with delivery and there is going to be a delay.

    Quite disappointed, I ask him if he has a new ETA.

    I get this EXACT response
    "Some time in the future"
    Well done captain obvious !
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  12. I like how he does a blog surrounding the bikes he services. Is he a good mechanic and doesn't charge through the roof?
  13. I'll be happy to help if i am not at work at that time.

    I aint a mechanical genius, so I can only give it a quick look over, check engine oil, forks and stuff...but yeah, i'll be happyto help.
  14. He's a one-man shop, and takes great pride in his work. No apprentices to stuff things up, everything's done by Pete so you know it's top work. I dunno how his rates compare, but you can be assured he's worth it. Plus, his mum gives excellent head.
  15. thanks everyone,

    might have a bit of time to sleep on it.. the person I'm dealing with at peter steven's doesn't seem to think I'll get a bike in this shipment... so another 4-6 weeks for me... ahrrr !!..
  16. Yeh, she is a bit of a dirty biatch when it comes to getting stabbed with the beefy bayonet!
  17. Jeez, I wish my bike would break down... :cry:
  18. So where did you go? I'm so over all these posts that don't get finished!
  19. There's no need to lower the tone Pete! :p