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help me......

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by En, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. i have recently taken a '04 model VTR250 for a few test rides and absolutly love it. great acceleration, ability to take hills (didn't have to drop it down 3-4gears to get up it and over it) and comfort etc. but a CBR250 has always been nagging at me to take more of a look at. i wouldn't mind a CBR250 cause they look like a great little bike and rode a mates bike that was similar to it and am wonderin which one to get.

    are they similar in acceleration? comfort to ride? and which one is 'easier' or more convienient to have a bag rack on or slung over etc.

    anything would help......

  2. Don't fuss. Either would be a great bike (with 75% more displacement).
  3. does anyone make a 437.5cc bike?
  4. As you are in NSW, you should consider the Suzuki GS500 and the Kawasaki ER5, as both are solid learner legal bikes with larger engine capacity for extra grunt.
  5. i have my full licence but am not looking to get a bigger bike than a 250 YET. i have my mind set on a VFR400 or a CBR600RR for the future but at the moment i am on my bike all the time and would prefer to stick with a 250 for the time being. i am looking for something comfortable and with decent accelleration. top speed anything over 110 will do but just something that can get to 100k'sp/h in under 7-8 seconds and can handle hills with no problem. the speed being just incase i need to get outta trouble like if a truck is about to rear end me or something :p - the real reason is i am heavy on the throttle but want something thats gunna be fun and fast
  6. Every cbr250 would have had it's weeny nut wrong by now.

    Also consider the spada. Some are bring in the bros 400, but Im not sure they are Lams approved. Also consider the 400 badit and yamaha and kwaka equivalent
  7. I haven't ridden either of the bikes you mention, but I would go for the VTR250. It's a Vtwin engine so it will have more low down torque which is better for in town riding, whil still having enough up top for freeway fun.

    If you do a lot of freeway riding I would consider the faired CBR250, however as iblast said, The CBR250's get thrashed by their owners.

    The CBR is also a much smaller and tighter riding position, so that may be something to think about.

    Either way I think the VTR is a better all round bike.
  8. I would say go the VTR250, but thats because I also own one, I would also suggest that a VTR250 will give a CBR250 a bloody good run for it's money in regards to performance/speed etc.

    The VTR is also a real comfortable bike to ride over long distances.
  9. Depends on which year you go for, I reckon a CBR 250R / RR is quicker with more horses and torque giving you faster acceleration. However the VTR is quick to be & more comfortable bike specially long runs. I had a mate with VTR and he was head over heals over it. We have few here in the Group too.

    VTR's are 5 speed with the CBr's being 6. Gives you probably higher power band in that scale. Weights is pretty much the same so no diff and the CBR's are expensive to buy and maintain compared to the VTR. If you wanna decent bikea VTR will do but if you wanna a screamer the CBR is your choice. Go take a test ride and decide for your self. I am sure its not that hard.

    Ask Mag, hes gotta a VTR :)
  10. the vtr is fun around town, faster in traffic- not so much hard work and the riding position is very relaxed, not much weight on the wrists.
    I've ridden the cbr as well, it's a much better bike for twisties and general hooning- but the vtr is a dream in traffic.
  11. I love my VTR except for the seat. I get a sore arse after 1hr.
  12. Get a VTR :) , as you said, a real blast to ride comfortable and they have awsome handling. Not to mention that the CBR is an old bike no matter what year thay say they are, thats just a colmpliance plate. And if you do happen to drop the bike, as beginners normaly do, you pick up the VTR and ride on with hardly any damage, while the CBR will have a butchered fairing etc.
    After you get of your get your full licence you gonna get a new bike anyway. Might as well get a real sportsbike after.
  13. seriously, forget about the 250s if you have the choice. they are way overpriced for what you get and generally speaking, the bigger bikes are safer (generally better brakes, suspension and acceleration) and will keep you happy for longer. a 400 is not a scary size bike at all, even a 600 shouldn't be a problem if you go for something thats not a top end screamer.

    try on a SV650 or a bandit/XJR400. a VFR400 or one of the many other racey ones would be cool too, just maybe not as easy to get the hang of riding. and some of the older 600 sports tourers (YZF600R, CBR600F) are pretty damned easy to ride and very comfy.

    but yeah, forget 250s if you have a full licence, waste of time unless you are really starting from scratch (even then i'd say a 400 would be better). :D