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Help me!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HelpSmurfy, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Oh god I don't have long - theyve gone out for now but they could be back any minute. I was kidnapped! I think it was a few weeks ago, but i'm not sure because they keep me locked up moist of the time.
    I think the basterd who kidnapped me has sold me to someone else about a week ago cos the voices have changed. Its still hell here though and the smell is just as terible.
    SOmeone help me please! my name is smurfy and i live in melbourne, but i think i'm a long way from there now because i spent hours and hours in a backpack that really smeled and then they locked me up downstairs somewere.
    They never untied me at that place but ive ben here a few days now and i havent struggled so they undid the chains today. please help me!
    i dont know were i am but they left the camra too so ill take some pictures later if i can and you can maybe please help me?
    **** i think they just pulled up so i hgave to go so please hep me

  2. it wasnt them but i been hiding for a while.
    her is a pic of me-i"m not very good with the camra but i think you can recognize me

    i also found some others on the camra so you can see what thy have ben doing too me.

  3. ... what ever ...
  4. NiteKreeper stole you didn't he?
  5. wasn't someone on here doing a smurf relay similar to takamii's chicken relay????
  6. i think i know this smurf !

    "locked up moist"

    ...omg, what have they been doing with you :?
  7. Is that GreyBM's long lost son?
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  8. moist? son? hmmmmmmm
  9. #10 Tone2, Jan 9, 2012
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    Clearly not at Kneedragon's place. There'd be 463 photos posted by now.
  10. [​IMG]
    I'm not very good with the camra timer but does any one recognize these walls?
  11. I also found some other picturs of what they do to me


    Gotta go - someone is pulling up... HELP ME!

  12. OMG Smurfy ???

    Riley has been soooooooooooo worried about you ,
    he made me post a MIA message in the general forum
    late yesterday 8-[ ... what a coincidence :-s

    Any other clues as to where you mite be ??
  13. I can only quote:

  14. Welcome to NR Smurfy. LMAO!
  15. Oh God!

    Where is the disdain emoticon when I need one.
  16. What was that animal doing to smurfy.............

    Cheers B
  17. i just noticed the cable ties.
    my guess is he's staying with the Milat family
  18. #19 Takamii, Jan 11, 2012
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    snort snort chuckle

    ] bwahahahahaha
  19. Actually, this house sometimes plays home for 3 little girls, so it has 4,567 soft cuddly toys in various states of disrepair in it now - and they breed! - so I wouldn't be photographing anything. He'd probably get lost in the crowd.

    We'd need to do an identity line up, like The Usual Suspects.