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Help me with my postie bike please!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jogiebanana, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Just joined and need some advice on buying a 110 postie bike. Is the kick start going to be a night mare for a girl? And is it just me or is it impossible to kick up the gears using your toes. I have test rode it and love it, but found the gear changes using my heel were awkward. I was at the time wearing flimsy shoes so if I were in boots would this be easier?

    Also I thought I was in first and gave it a fist full from a stationary position and popped the front tyre up, so I must have been in a higher gear right???

    Am new in town and don't have anyone to ask muppet questions to so any help would be great.

    Also how do you judge the fuel on these things?8-[
  2. Welcome
    Soz i.dont know the answers but someone will
    Toes will be fine
  3. Thanks hey. Am really hoping this forum will help me out with my muppet questions. Toes doing okay!:-({|=
  4. New in which town, exactly?
    And how's your temperature...?
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  5. Gold Coast, my temperature???
  6. Hello and welcome to the nut house. The postie bike has a centrifugal clutch so it takes a second to bite. Yes it would have been first when you popped the front wheel.
    There is a story going round the forum of someone using a finger to kick the bike over so I'm sure you would have no trouble!
  7. this one should be fun
  8. Brilliant, great info thanks.

    Really in first and pop like that...wow! Should that worry me?

    What does centrifugal clutch mean? Is it just a fancy way of saying that it's not a manual?
  9. What does that mean?
  10. Hi JB and welcome to Netrider.

    -The CT 110 will usually start easily, first kick every time, even without choke.
    -Use your heel to upshift, you're operating the clutch with the gear lever and this may be too much strain on your foot. The lever can be easily adjusted up/down on the spline, or even bent in or out easily to suit you.
    -Yes, the front can come up in first, very unlikely in a higher gear. Once you get in some practice, shift into 2nd and keep the mono going!!
    -Fuelwise, tank holds about 5 litres, good for at least 90km, then about 20km on reserve, depending how you ride it.

    Hope this helps.
  11. *makes popcorn*

    This one is going to be a spectacle.
  12. You are brilliant! Thankyou so much for the info. Was not expecting such a great outcome.
    I understand what you mean about the clutch/gear lever. Did not realise the bike even had a choke, thanks for the heads up will have another test ride and investigate.
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  13. +1 agreed.......:popcorn:

    Also - welcome....

    A centrifugal clutch is one which "bites" due to revolution.....not hand operated...EG - you need to get the powertrain spinning before the clutch-pack will engage.....
  14. he wants to now if your good looking
  15. Okay Lads,
    Just registered the popcorn and temperature comments. Let me just say that not only will I pop your little corns but will melt your butter as well if you're into that! Personally I love melted butter!
    Now, if you can help me out with my questions great, otherwise my boyfriend takes care of any servicing I may require!
  16. spoilsport
  17. we have a diplomat amongst us! :D
  18. i know your not refering to me
  19. you're*

    and no... jogiebanana just TOTALLY circumvented any future sleaze... well played, woman.