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help me with my parking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Masakali, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Looking to see what more experienced riders thought.

    This is my current daily parking situation.
    I park at the star, which is a good 50m up from the intersection.
    The only way on to the footpath is from the intersection.
    There are no other ways onto the footpath along road C further down, well there is, but that is over 300m down.

    I come from direction A or C, but so far I have been doing a rather large loop so I can come from B because it seems the safest way.
    Should I keep doing my loop, or would you recommend I do a L'ish turn at A? It doesn't seem all that safe to me.
    I can't enter from C because the turn is too tight.
    This is also a very busy intersection with one or two people waiting at the lights most of the time.


  2. I don't see what so dangerous about going from A? Isn't that just like making a right turn at the intersection?
  3. When you come in from A, your essentially doing a Uturn crossing 3 lanes of oncoming traffic (to your left, straight, to your right). I don't trust drivers to stop at lights, or not jump the green, or not to speed through amber.. so B would definately be the go for me.

    Of course, I'm sure some bravehearts would go from A lol...
  4. i call bullshit on any turn being too tight...go from c...your on a ****ing motorbike bud
  5. hmm... well, I suppose if the OPs uturn skills are up to scratch, then C is the easiest way (y)
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    Wheelie. Enter the footpath from wherever you like.

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  7. This is all that matters. If you dont feel safe, DONT DO IT. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks they will do. Only ever do what YOU feel safe with.
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    Not sure if it's a joke or not but whenever there's no driveway, in the dry, I put the front wheel 20-30cm from curb, few revs and quickly release clutch then reapply. Lifts the front wheel onto the curb. For the back wheel you just need to be moving slowly under power to climb the curb. Sitting against the curb trying to power up it converts the back tyre into smoke.

    I really don't know if this method is good or bad but it works :shrug:
    Would like to know if there's a better way.
  9. What's on the other side of the road from the star?
  10. Another office building.

    I've actually been parking across the road last week because of the windy Melbourne weather especially in the Docklands wind corridor. I can see the other side of the street from my desk, so it allowed me to keep an eye on it. But everytime pedestrians walked past it, my heart skipped a beat, pedestrians walk very close to bikes even in Melbourne! So I'm back on my side of the street, out of sight, out of mind.
  11. Wish I could jump the curb, the only other bike that parks my side of the street is a motard and he does it so easy, while I have to weave myself through the pedestrian traffic!
  12. I am not expert, but I would recommend not trying this...

    Reminds me of trying to do the same thing on a scooter in Thailand.... rev rev rev (scooter isn't going anywhere), cautiously rev a little more... and then blammo! the scooter violet pops up the gutter, I fall off the back (while holding onto the handlebars), pull the throttle wide open (seeing as though I didn't let go of the handlebars), and the scooter takes off with me being dragged behind it.

    This was right in front of the scooter rental person I was returning it to.

    I had never ridden a motorbike or scooter before, and I am pretty sure Australian tourists doing this in Thailand is possibly the dumbest thing they can do. Very silly of me!
  13. I did a similar thing in Cambodia. I hadn't ridden for ages and the throttle wasn't up to scratch, nor were the brakes. As I was taking off I scraped the mirror of a mercedes that was parked nearby but took off regardless.

    I came back and the guy said, 'i see what you do, that man, he own video shop, he have guns'. I thought 'oh dear, this could be costly'. I asked him how I could fix the situation and he said '$50 American dollars'.

    I peeled one off my roll, bowed and f*cked off chop chop thanking my lucky stars.
  14. Where did you hire a scooter or bike in Cambodia? I know around Siem Reap it was banned. Were you game enough to hire on in Phnom Penh?
  15. When I did this, I scrapped the scooter a little bit. The owner came up to me and said "How much do you think that should cost?"

    I was like "Ummm... $20" (it should have cost nothing really)

    Then he says "No, $40"

    I gave him the money (no idea how you are meant to haggle when you have already done the damage
  16. Yeah it was in Phnom Penh. I got lost for four hours and had my foot run over by a tuk tuk (or whatever the equivalent is over there)..
  17. Oh yeah, they have some name like "moto remorque" or something... I forget. I got lost in Chiang Mai on a scooter. Road for four hours or so trying to find the backpackers place I was staying at (I actually made a bit of a habit forgetting the name of the place I was staying at...)