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Help me with my decision demons... new ZX6 v old ZX636

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. So I need to buy a new bike (thanks to the actions of Mr Tradie who wrote off the trusty reliable ZZR)

    I *was* looking at just under $10k for a late model 600cc sport bike. I test rode an '05 ZX636 (20K on clock, priced just under $10k) which I really liked, and test rode a GSXR600 (new - so over budget at $14k) which was ok - but not as comfortable as the 636.

    ..Now I've seen a new '08 ZX6 for $12k (which I reckon can be argued down to 11). Obviously I'll have to take it for a ride and see if anything stands out but I've got a feeling I'm going to be torn.

    Everything I've read says the '08 ZX6 wasnt too flash and really an '09 ZX6 is a gazillion times better. The 636's on the other hand seem to have been well respected with a little extra low-down torque making it good for the commute. Given that 99% of my riding is a commute (albeit a pleasantly bendy traffic free 80kmh one in the afternoon) would I be a fool to go the newer 'peakier' bike?

    Something in me says paying just a little more for a brand new bike *has* to be a good idea. The other part of me says *be sensible* - save some dollars and get the more suited bike anyway....

    Just to add to the decision the '05 636 is in a good looking blue colour, but the '08 is green... The green is growing on me - but I'm still not TOTALLY convinced.....

    ** (If money was no option I'd be on a new, black CBR600RR - but at $16k unfortunately its just not an option)

    Anyone got any thoughts on ZX6 vs ZX636?
  2. I was all with you till you mentioned the cbr.

    I've always liked the look of the 636. if the price is right, I would be all over it.

    I ride a 600 and cant stand the lack of low down grunt. I only keep it because I wouldn't want to put a good bike through the kms that I currently do.
  3. so you'd rather a bike you didnt put Kms on?? i dont get your last statment slickncghia?
  4. sorry for the hijack op.

    Id rather not cripple a nice bike by doing 40,000 highway kms a year on.

    When my commute returns to a more reasonable ammount I will get rid of it for something more enjoyable again. If i had put my 525 or 800 through those kms they would need 80 services and about 2 new engines a year. simple really. Plus why take a huge depreciation every year just to get to work to pay for it?
  5. Get a 10....no lack of grunt.....hardly any heavier.......hardly any bigger....

    07's can be had for 8.5-9, 08's around 10-11

    just my 2cents...
  6. I adore the look of the 636. Nice and unusual too. That would be my pick, although I haen't ridden either of them.
  7. 05-6 zx636r was my dream bike, now being used to the 900 I dont know if I could put up with the lack of low down torque.. but they are a great bike and meater power than those in the class apart from the daytona. In fact the 05-06 aremore powerful than the model which replaced it, as it was 37cc less.
  8. Please show me where ?

    I cant even find any '07 zx6r for that price in nsw
  9. Now that's a dilemma I envy!!!

    Bear in mind the newer the bike is the more you'll cop in terms of initial depreciation and insurance premiums.

    Having said all that, test ride both and purchase the one you best like the feel and look of - in terms of performance they're both going to be insanely more powerful than your previous ZZR and considering the fact that most of us mere mortals can't ride them to their full potential it would be like trying to split hairs!

    Let us know what you end up getting!



    "I feel the need.... the need for speed!"
  10. Note the avatar....

    2007 model, 8000kms, not a scratch, Reg til Feb 10, $8500...

    They are out there....have patience.
    Aggressive dealer discounts on new bikes is pushing down the resale bikes 2-4yr old.

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  11. Realistically you won't notice the difference that 36cc makes in torque unless you are jumping straight off one onto the other, or looking at dyno graphs. Both will be absolute weapons after the ZZR.

    The 08 ZX6 wasn't particularly well recieved - bloody ugly IMO and heavier/bulkier than the competition. The 636s were nice, so if it meant saving a couple of thou I reckon that's where I'd be heading.

    Bottom line as always though is test both, and anything else you come accross, and buy the one that grabs you.
  12. In Brisbane the other day at a Kawasaki store near the city I was just browsing around before I got an oil filter... Just sitting on bikes and all that jazz.

    Anyway... A salesman came up to me and we got talking and he offered me a brand new 08 zx6 for 12k on road.

    I thought that was a pretty good deal but to be honest I don't really like the look of that year and I can't afford that at the moment and I don't want to lose my licence...

    Personally I would go the 636 though because I think they look much better than the new ones...
  13. Thats awsome, private or dealer ??

    You in brisbane ? Bikes seem to go for 1 - 2k less up there compared to syd.
  14. I'll always say to go second-hand over new: save that depreciation hit or get more bike for the money. Having said that, 10 grand for an 05 model 636 seems high to me, and Mike's example shows that newer bikes with lower km can be had for less (and remember, bike transport from Brisbane-Sydney would only be $3-400, and rego change-over similar, so if you could save 1-2k grand by looking interstate it might be worthwhile).
  15. If you believe the bike press, next years model is always 'a gazillion time better'.
  16. Having taken the sensible approach for a few years I'm now a fan of buying fastest most impractical thing possible. You'll ache after 800kms, it'll chew tyres and chains. You'll need your own personal fuel tanker to follow you through the twisties. BUT, you will get where ever you're going having the most amount of fun you've had.
  17. As another poster has already said you can get a new one under 12000.
  18. so... the consensus is that it's a pretty good deal?? Would anyone coming off a 250 feel the difference between the 636 and the newer zx6r, or is it pretty much a moot point - both are going to feel crazy fast.
  19. yeah yeah yeah - I was rounding.... the $10 difference doesnt mean much. Also they refuse to go any lower than that $11,990 (or even pimp it out a bit with oggy nobs, tank protector etc etc) claiming that there are only 3 unsold '08 bikes left in Australia (2 green, 1 yellow) and they cant POSSIBLY reduce the price any further.

    I took the '08 for a ride and did enjoy it - but the unwavering discussion with the finance guy put me off completely so I'm probably going to save a few $$$ and get the older 636 instead.
  20. 1. Wait longer and save more.
    2. Buy 09 ZX6R when 2010 model is released.
    3. You are Winrar.