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Help Me With My Conundrum Please!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by backmarker, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. ride to pose.

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  2. ride a harley, but only if the weather is just ever so perfect.

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  3. only ride to cafes.

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  4. because they are knobs.

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  1. Heading through Blackwood this morning I was stopped by the pedestrian lights and held just in front of the Shell servo. To save me from boredon there was a significant number of Harleys parked there, respendent in their chrome, sparkling in the delightful spring sunshine which Adelaide had granted us today. Probably about ten bikes there, all looking very nice indeed, all in very good condition, and all looking like they'd had a fair amount of money and elbow grease spent in making them look that fine. No riders anywhere to be seen.

    Now I should clarify that none of these bikes were getting fuel. They were all parked at the side of the servo. The first six to park would have been out of the way. But we all know how the group mentality works, or rather, doesn't. It seems that the rest of the riders just kept parking, and in doing so managed to completely block access to the air hose and water tap. Oops.

    I suppose that's why I also got to watch the guy in his CRV trying to work out how he was going to get anywhere near close enough to get air. From where I was it was clear it was a lost cause.

    The lights went green and off I went, and a quick glance to my right showed me something else. A group of, say, ten guys in motorbike gear. In fact, in "Harley" labelled gear. So my guess is, and I admit I could be completely wrong here - it is after all a wild assumption, that these riders had fuelled up at the servo, figured that entitled them to free parking there as well, blocked access to the air hose, crossed the road at the pedestrian crossing, wandered a short distance up the road to the cafe and ordered their morning coffees.

    Blackwood on a Saturday morning is a little busy, but in that particular location is not short of parking. Behind the Shell servo is a huge space of parking, with no issues of obstruction. It is also not a hidden area where people can muck around with your bike without anyone seeing. Next door to the servo is another parking area.

    So my question is: why do groups of people park like knobs? Is it the bikes they ride? Is it the fact they drink coffee? Is it that they are just knobs? They weren't bikies - they didn't even look like bikers. They looked like ocassional, fair-weather social riders to be honest, and I say that without any intent to be disparaging.

    I just find selfish behaviour a bit, well, selfish.

    Rant over. Flamesuit on.:D
  2. People are dying of cancer and starvation and you're worried about this?
  3. You've never seen "Wild Hogs", have you?
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  4. He should have done a "snowman" smokey and the bandit style that would had em coming :p
  5. There's your answer. Too many dollars not enough sense.
  6. Onyx, that is just a stupid argument. Have you never ever not once in your life gotten annoyed with anything but cancer and starvation? If so, you must be fcuking Mother Theresa or Ghandi or something.
  7. So the moral of the story is don't drive a CRV ?
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  8. wow, that was a waste of a few minutes...
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  9. I thought the moral was that coffee drinking makes you buy a Harley? I must have missed something...
  10. Maybe the moral of story is Shell servos sell shit coffee ?
  11. I thought the moral was, drinking coffee makes you a fair weather rider, that likes chrome, wears leather, can't park and worst of all makes you not look like a biker!
  12. I don't think the type of bike is the issue.
  13. kick them over then ,
    the crv driver is a fool if he tries to get air , they could be 1% ers,
    not likely of course but you never know.

    now i know where to park at black wood , ta
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  14. We do it cause WE CAN!

    The End!
  15. na middo is that ducati s?

    wild hogs - lol yes good point , actually several.
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  16. Phil, that's why I was confused.
  17. Nope. Those are the only things that really piss me off. That and stupid rants about complete nonsense.
  18. You are 100% full of shit
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  19. Yeeeeee boiiiiiiiii
  20. One could also argue they get pissed off with noob members who do nothing but shit on people's posts. It's kinda like walking into a pub, going up to a group of people and telling them they're idiots.

    Having said that, the OP rant is a little strange and I'd like my 30 seconds back please :)
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