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Help me with etiquette

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jacob_, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Did my first ride to work today. I started off hanging back with the traffic but after seeing a few guys out and about I decided to follow them lane filtering and using the bus lane. Bit of a culture shock, but for the first time in a few months, I have enjoyed my commute into work :)

    Just wondering about the etiquette and stuff on the road - are there any things I should/shouldn't do when riding that is socially acceptable?

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    Don't be a jerk. Don't overtake people in the same lane, and if they move over for you so you can get past, a quick thank you wave is always appreciated.
    Don't revbomb at the lights, because you'll look like a fool and no one likes that. Also, if you're not going the speed limit or faster, don't stay in the right lane on the freeway. Nothing is more annoying than someone hogging the fast lane when you wanna get past.

    A nod to a fellow rider is nice :)
    So is stopping to help out when you see someone in trouble. Even if they don't need your help, just asking is always appreciated.
  3. Don't pass another bike in their lane, that ticks me off. Don't be too snobby and nod at all other riders no matter what u are riding or what they are riding. No matter how much of a hurry u are in always stop if another rider has stacked to see if they are ok, (unless your at the track, even though I feel like a real prick when I keep riding)
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  4. Never move or mess with another riders bike unless they've been a numpty and blocked you in when parked.
  5. Filtering past other riders.....I always wait until I know they've seen me and make noticeable move across.

    When filtering to the front of lights......if it looks too skinny it probably is, just wait. Touching cars during filtering is poor form and gives us all a bad name. Not to say I haven't done it before though.

    When you filter to the front at a set of lights be conscious of other riders coming up behind you. Either move slightly across so the rider behind you can squeeze out in front of the cars, or get right out front to leave room. It pisses me off when guys filter to the front then stay exactly side by side with the cars, they don't accelerate quickly and leave me behind the front rows of cars. Just piss off out of the way so I can get past.
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  6. Thanks for all the suggestions thus far!

    Good bit of knowledge about what to do when hitting the front of traffic. Had a guy not move over for me this morning which is kind of what prompted this post - "is the etiquette to move over or am I just being a princess?"

    WombleWomble; so what you're saying is I can't take a selfie sitting on that nice beamer downstairs? Bummer :p
  7. If moving over isn't etiquette, then it should be. It could be lumped into the whole "be aware of your fellow riders" thing in general I guess.