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Help me make a test ride list.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bangalla, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. So I have this newly minted unrestricted license, a budget of around $17,000 on road and I need to find some bikes to ride.

    I'm still a new rider so I'm looking for a bike that's fairly predictable and easy to handle. I'd like to be able to take a pillion, but this will be more of an occasional thing, no more than a few hours in a day. I'm not interested in cruisers, I had one on my Ls and am glad to be waving it good-bye.

    I won't be commuting on the bike (work from home and need a car to carry stuff) and I won't be touring either (my wife would throttle me if I abandoned her with the kids on a trip) so it's mainly for taking day trips around the district (Albury, Bright, Corryong, Tawonga).

    I rode the Ducati Monster S2R 800 the other day and loved it, but I'm not solely interested in a naked. I'm also planning to ride the Triumph Daytona 675 and the BMW F800 ST and perhaps the Buell Lightning CityX.

    What other bikes would people consider adding to the list?
  2. $17 grand? Nah, you'll need at least 25 grand to get a decent bike... :shock:

    $17 grand?

    $17 GRAND?

    Dude, get 3 bikes!
  3. I had to sacrifice my much beloved Audi A3 and replace it with a shopping trolley before I could get a bike, so I want to make the most of it.
  4. You sound like a Ducati man.
  5. So you've ridden the Duke - didn't it hit all the buttons for you?

    I'd look at some big hyper motards for pure fun. I really enjoyed riding the Ducati Sport1000, and IMHO a perfect weekend bike.

    Test ride as many as you can and maybe shop around for a low km second hand one, that way you can at least sell it without too much of a loss if it isn't exactly what you want.
  6. moto guzzi breva, kwaka z750 or wait for the aprilia shiver?
  7. I'm guessing you want new. Something that doesn't need to be comfy for 50000km in one sitting, and I'm guessing something with a bit of poke. This is assuming you may have extra money for insurance :D

    From the japs:
    SV1000S $14k SRP
    GSXR750 $17k SRP
    VTR1000f $16k RRP
    z1000 $15500 RRP
    FZ1S/N I am assuming somewhere around the Z1000 price.

    From everyone else:
    Thruxton $14k + orc
    Scrambler $14k +orc
    Bonneville $12k + orc
    Daytona 675 $15k + orc
    Sprint ST $16k +orc
    Tiger $16k +orc
    Speed Triple $16k +orc

    And this is about where i got sick of looking up stuff.

    For a sexy bike, go the Daytona.

    Don't forget you can try to talk them into paying on road costs for you!
  8. I hope you're not being unkind Loz, you don't want me crying into my macchiato now do you? :wink:

    The Duke did indeed hit all the buttons, but I didn't marry the first girl I slept with either.
  9. All the buells are predictable mate, so make sure you look at the xb12 lightning as well. BUT the new buell models are announced on the 8th of july, could be a totally new bike, so stay tuned for that. I have a feeling the 08 buell is gonna be one sweet ride.
  10. 2007 Zx 10s are going for 14990 plus on roads
  11. Gotta test new Zed thou!

    I am waiting to test a Shiver before I buy a '07 Z1000 or a '06 CB900 (and spend $$$$ upgrading its 'commuter' suspension because it's cheaper than a SV650 at the moment :shock: ).

    If you aren't into naked hooligan bike thing (or comfy riding position), just about every Jap plastic-fantastic bike is within your budget if you haggle well (or go for an '06 model).
  12. Simple: take the $17k to the casino and put it on black. Then you'll be able to afford a 1098!!! :LOL:

    Or ignore that and go for an SV1000S or the 675. Both good value bikes in my opinion.
  13. Why go Further?
  14. Well I had a look at a few bikes today (no ride, it's a bit wet). The '07 Kawasaki Z1000 really impressed me in terms of its styling and the seating position, the dealer hasn't got a demo, but he does have a Z750 I can ride, so it's made the list. Also there was a Triumph Thruxton which I'll take for a ride.

    I sat on the Daytona 675 but it didn't feel quite right, a bit too high for a shortarse like me to feel completely comfortable. I'll take it for a spin anyway as just sitting on it in the store doesn't give you any idea of what it'll be like to ride and I think I should ride something with fairings and a sportier seating position so that I can appreciate the difference.
  15. I 2nd the Speed Triple, but what waiting till 08 for the Street triple, Suzi B-King & the new v4 F'Blade???

    Or go a 2nd 999 or MV F4??
  16. I couldnt go past it myself, perfect pricing, gorgeous machine, individuality, sex on wheels.
  17. 07" CBR 600RR

    /end thread

    Thanxbi :grin:
  18. Speed Triple. Hands Down.