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help me lol

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. My dad is taking me to the bike shop to pick up my bike and we were going to use a trailer to pick it up and bring it back to Altona North.. But he is running late and he is going to drive me there and I'm going to ride it home from the shop and the reason he is going is he lives in Bronia and he has an appointment with the dentist at 2pm and the bike is being picked up from brighten east..

    Anyone working lol I could use a buddy till I was over the west gate bridge I am happy to pay for your tank of petrol..

    If not well I'll ride home..
  2. Wish I could help.. I organised someone to ride mine back today as well for me, no way Im doing it. Friggin weather.

    Best of luck.
  3. Am I the only one who read the title as 'help me to laugh'?

    Seeing as I'm in Sydney and can't help, I'll give say...take it easy on the way home, stay alert and headchecks! You'll be fine. :)
  4. In the rain lol over the westgate bridge lol wow this is going to be fun lol
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  5. Ozzy,

    Have a think about going via KingsWay into town and then onto Footscray Road instead.

    Over the bridge might be the most direct methord but may not be the most sensible. Yes it will be busy in town but that means slow which in this weather may not be that bad a thing.

    I have found that thinking about and planing which route to take can eliminate likely issues for me so I can concentrate on riding the bike without having to worry about them.

    Assuming you have the day off there is no hurry, so plan your trip to be suitable for the conditions and the fact that the bike and tyres are new.

    Best of luck.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  6. Agree with Jeremy, you can take beach road to Bay St Port Melb then go Footscray rd to go west..
    No mention if you are a learner etc, if you are a learner and it's your first or one of your first rides, just take your time and let traffic not 'push' you to beyong your riding limits!!
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  7. ^ Better route..

  8. Yeah I am a learner and right now I'm shitting my self but very excited at the same time.. My balls r little. Ht after this ride I'm sure there going to be big lol
  9. Good route.

    Just make sure you take it easy around the corners. Wet weather + new tyres (assuming new tyres that haven't been scrubbed in yet?) can be very slippery. Not trying to scare you, but just be wary about them. Also try not to accelerate or brake when crossing a metal bridge expansion joint...they are even more slippery even with scrubbed in tyres.

    Westgate bridge isn't too bad since you are moving in pretty much a straight line...it isn't windy, just wet, so you might get away with the Westgate bridge...if you leave out of peak hour, even better.

    I work in the east and live in the west...can be a riding buddy, however I won't be finishing work till 5 or 6 and that's when it gets dark :?
  10. Hahahaha!! Thankfully I didn't grow balls after I had my first ride on my bike!

    And whilst we're on the topic...

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  11. Just ride like a granny (today's weather conditions are horrible. I know as I rode to work) and you'll be all right.

    Just be wary that the tyres are new and haven't been scrubbed in so will be more slippery than srubbed ones.

    On a lighter side - The weather gods are not on the rider's side today. :p
  12. yeah as all above...ride like a ****ing grandma & take your time...it's your first ride...dont step too far out of your comfort zone and make it your last just to keep the ****ing cage's happy...if someone's riding your ass ...point to your L plate...and then flip the bird. (the bird is optional...however did you know that the bird is the word? i thought everyone knew...)
  13. Good luck, and take it easy.

    Let us know how you go.
  14. one very important point that we ALL forgot to tell you!!!
    If you have a 'moment' and shit yourself or panick about ANYTHING!!

    Pull over, get off the bike, turn it off, take 5!!
    Have a ciggy, or coffee, then when you settle, get back on again...
    This is the best advice anyone can give you, if you ride when you are panicking you can make the simplest of mistakes and you wont understand why.
    Pevention is better then cure!!
    Good luck :)
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  15. Good luck buddy :) as everyone has said, take your time, relax and try to enjoy it, the nerves will settle after about 15 minutes and you will start to enjoy it :D
  16. *flips the bird at 87crisis*

    Now I got the song in my head!
  17. An update I am now over my way altona north so it's all good.. I have a shit load I'd questions but will most tonight.. Right now I'm smiling and having a ball.. Will take pics of my new ride today so u will see my now dirty bike..
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  18. Well done mate
  19. Ride Safe and Ride well. (y)