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Help me identify my Grandads bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kemm, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone knew what type of bike this is? No one in the family seems to know and he died before i was born but any help would be great.

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  2. I'd guess WLA Harley, but I could be miles out too....
  3. thanks. It gives me a starting point
  4. I agree. Those are definitely Harley forks and the most common Harley from the era when bikes looked like that was the WLA. A rough date for the photo would help confirm it but I'm guessing ~1950.
  5. yep, there were thousands of them here after the War, (not counting the mythical thousands more that Uncle Joe had been told by Uncle Fred that the U.S. Army had wrapped in plastic and stored in a warehouse (somewhere) for later sale) :LOL:
  6. yep the photo was in 1947. looks pretty spot on to me
  7. More than likely a WLA or the civilian equivalent. It could also be the military version of a BSA or similar, but I doubt it. Likewise I doubt it's an Indian, the guards don't look right.
  8. Harley forks
    Bsa of the era had either girder or telescopic forks.
    Indian had different forks as well, girdraulic rings a bell.. Could be wrong tho..
  9. That was back before they offered different colour schemes for bikes...

    ... or trees, or people.
  10. I can identify your g'dads bike. That's it in the pic attached to the first post.

    Sorry, but I have nothing else to contribute.
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  11. ATGATT ?? crazy squid.. seriously, your G'dad must have been a cool dude way back in the day..
  12. I don't think WLA Harley came in black & white. Pretty sure it was military green only.
  13. the bike in the op is a wl harley about 1945 or there abouts ,750cc flat head motor with 3 speed gear box , with revese gear option . foot clutch ,handle bar advance retard timing. wich means you have to advance or retard the timing as your rideing the bike ,,, this is dun by the left hand hanldle bar grip ,,,back in the 1950s and 1960s it was common to remove the hd 3 speed gear box and replace it with a triumph pre unit 4 speed gear box ,i have seen these bikes do over 150kmph with a 4 speed triumph gear box ,

  14. WLA (Army model) was green only. The WL (civilian model) wasn't.
  15. Well, it's a black and white photo, so argument should be irrelevant, shouldn't it?

    Plus many WLAs were repainted, even though they were originally green....
  16. It's got a screen and no front stand so it's a WLA not a WLC (unless someone modified it).

    It's got a rear seat so it's not an export model (unless someone modified it).

    So I'm guessing ex U.S. army (surplus) WLA.