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Help me, I have short widdle wegs!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Harm73, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Can anyone give me some advice or has anyone successfully lowered their VTR250?

    I love my bike, but its just that teensie bit too tall for me, well just on the borderline of my comfort range.

    I would dearly love to lower it slightly and have gotten some conflicting advice on whether its possible on my bike.

    Appreciate any help!!

    Cheers Mel (AKA Harm)

  2. you can probably take it somewhere and get the seat changed. like a foam dude or something. if it's only a tiny bit to tall then it'll probably be less hassle than adjusting the setup upon lowering it.
  3. When you have enough posts to PM, shoot of one to Black Betty, she had a VTR that was lowered slightly and may be able to give you more details.

    Oh and welcome to Netrider :)

    And don't forget to introduce yourself in the welcome lounge :wink:
  4. hey Mel...


    how tall are you?

    i know my lady is 5'2" and the VTR was at the top of her comfort zone when she first got it. but after a month she was fine. infact soo much so that when she went and sat on the spada (she was considering this bike first as it was a little lower) she couldnt help but laugh at how small it was.

    at the very least you want both balls of your feet on the ground. i have heard of them being lowered a little, bit it can upset hte biek slightly as well, even more so if not done right.

    by the way. she has upgrade to the cagiva now... another good bike for those not soo tall and now when she sits on her friends VTR she laughs at that experience change as well...
  5. Couple of things you can do,

    Shave some foam off the seat, an upholsterer can do this for you easily.

    Add an inch or so to the bottom of your boots (charmed had this done).

    Drop the suspension a bit, not sure how easy it is to do yourself on the VTR (slide forks in tripple clamps, drop rear ride height right down or lower spring) but a suspension place should be able to help our for about $400
  6. Welcome Mel :).
  7. I'm 5'3" and my vtr250 was a little bit tippy-toey when I first got it. A few months in and I noticed I was getting very close to flat-footed on it. 6-7 months in now and I'm completely flat foot (both feet) with my knees bent. Unless it's dangerously too high, I thoroughly recommend giving it some time.

    and welcome :)