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Help me, Help him

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sinner, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Now I know it’s illegal to do wheelies on the public road but I’ve got a friend who is coming off his “P†and is keen to get a big bike and do some wheelies, but the problem is he isn’t the best ride on 2 wheels let alone 1.
    So what I was thinking if there is any place in the Sydney area that teach these kinds of things in a controlled area so that he doesn’t kill himself. Was thinking I could get it as a birthday present for him.

    Any help would be appreciated,

  2. Take him to the morgue its where he's gunna end up anyways and its free....... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Totally Illegal :LOL:
    Well he could go to Western Sydney International Dragway (WSID) and drag race his bike, at the same time not worrying much about his reaction or 1/4 times but see how the bike reacts with the front wheel in the air on full power and how he can feather the throttle to keep it up in a couple gears.

    That way, its legal, there's fire/ambulance there for your safety, tow trucks if something happens.

    Seeing its his birthday, you could pay for his entry $50 for the night lol.

    Thats a legal suggestion, otherwise get out on a race track, Oran Park etc.
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  5. Buy him a pre-paid funeral
  6. :WStupid:
  7. Im curious to the guys saying death/funeral crap to his mate for trying..

    Are you saying you have never done a wheelie on your powerful bikes you have in your avatar? Im not saying anything, but i cant see how you have not twisted your right hand on the streets and not had a power wheelie at some stage??? Yes, No??
  8. You can wheelstand any bike, so if you can't wheelstand a gutless bike, all a powerful bike is going to do is put you on your arse.
  9. If you have the power to just open the throttle and lift the wheel its gonna be heaps easier then having to rev the shit out of something small with a tiny sprocket and hope the piss weak clutch will grab enough to pick it up.

    Plus bigger bikes have better suspension to take the shock of comming down to hard.
    Ive had the front of the Gpx in the air a few times and i know the bike suffers from it, belly pan bolts have broken from shock or vibration and there are a few rattles i cant find that weren't there before i tried a mono or two.

    I remember watching Loz trying to get Holsters SRX up. Didn't happen, but valiant effort on Loz's part. (I'm sure its no secret to anyone here he gets his ninja on one wheel.. front and back, good spanner day entertainer)
  10. I wonder if you could wheelstand a virago 250?
  11. You guys with your comments on death are bloody tools
  12. with such a morbid attitude I'm amazed they ride bikes at all. :?
  13. I said bike, not motorised armchair.
  14. They aren't tools.

    It's just that wheelies require confidence with a bike generally which OP stated that the guy didn't have. If you don't have that confidence then learning to wheelie may be premature. That's all.

    But I posted a link to a stunt mob. It's worth watching before goung ahead though.

  15. Oh he did get it up (not very high though) after lots of attempts and some clutch adjustments.
  16. I totally understand that D1300, but you have to learn sometime. I though that there maybe a place where they can teach him how to do it in a correct and safe manner, instead I get a bunch of knob jockeys saying I should organise a funeral.
    Also thank you for that link, found in very interesting and I will definitely look into it.
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    You gain wheelie experience by doing wheelies. No-one's saying he should start off doing 180km/h wheelies with gear changes on highways.

    Everyone has a first time and whilst I sort of agree that you should get a bit of experience up, it's not that big a deal. It's not that high skilled that you need 10 years riding experience before your first.

    Provided you try it in a reasonably controlled environment and aren't afraid to drop your bike, go nuts.

    Get your mate to watch the following video and don't let him practise with cars around on the road. At very best do it on a completely empty road, preferably without too many things to hit. An industrial estate at 2am might be a good option.

  18. Have a look at Dirt/trail bike training.... They cover getting the front wheel up at low speed using clutch pops, and it goes on from there.
  19. +1 rabbit ^
    Good on you for trying to get your mate some training, but if he thinks that buying a big bike will automatically open the door to wheelie heaven then maybe at least some funeral insurance is a good idea. If he really wants to learn the skills he should start on a small trail bike. If he wants is to go out on the streets and pose he's a w..k.r.