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Help me !! .... giving up smoking

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. I amm giving up the ciggies i havent had one now for 6 days it is driving me crazy .... what techniques do or have you of you that have kicked the habit used ? i am on the patches but help still needed , have heard that its easier to give heroin up than smokes so i am considering taking up heroin to help with the smokes :mad: if i could ride the bike for 16 hours a day i would but the bum would then become too sore :LOL:

  2. I tried giving up lat weekend (1st attempt after 14 years). I ended up dealing with the edgyness by smoking again on the Sunday. :LOL:

    Maybe I'm not the best person to help you. :wink:
  3. happy to have you call if you think talking to someone will help
    I never have had one cigarette in my life, but I'm not a self-righteous non-smoker.

  5. Hang in there buddy! I'm sure you're feeling like utter crap at the moment but trust me it will pass!! (probably the last thing you need to read right now! :grin:

    I did the patches like you and they worked for me. By day 7 I thought I was going to lose my mind, but my doc told me after about 10 days your body has gotten rid of the chemicals and from then on its the fight against the habit of having a cigarette, not the taste.

    Fight The urge!! You can do it!! Do something to keep your hands busy, I had a small piece of rope I could hide in my pocket and I constantly tied knots with it. Put the money you save into a new bit for the bike! Good Luck! :)
  6. I went the Zyban method.

    Pills did it for me.

    Actually, today is my aniverssary.

    4 years today :gring: yay for me

    I gave up after 20 years on the 3/3/02 at 7.10pm :)
  7. This from a non-smoker, but I've observed that a lot of smoking BEHAVIOUR seems to be connected with doing something with your hands; like first thing after waking up, while drinking with mates, etc. Practice carrying round a 'stress-ball' and keep passing it from hand to hand and squeezing it to keep you hands busy.

    (If not, practice throttling anyone who comes near you; the effect is the same but the level of satisfaction is much higher :LOL: )
  8. I have been keeping my hands busy ....but the skin has just about worn off "my peice of rope" ..... hehehee ..... i guess i could just sleep the rest of my life away at least i will live longer that way thanks for the advice. I am detirmined to do it this time and i will 5 times lucky i always say
  9. Change your sig to "Non-Smoker". It will be a visual incentive too.....
  10. good on ya ..... are you gonna spend the money you have saved on advanced hair technology ?? :LOL: sorry no offence meant .... i am stressed after all
  11. Yep, I'm hoping that one day they will work out a way of getting rid of it forever.
  12. hang around people who don't smoke, do lots of exercise, drink lots of water

    stop thinking about it

    i dont know :p
  13. good for you RT - well done on the 6 days - keep it up and you too can be a intolerant ex smoker!

  14. great advice.

    I gave up a lot of things last time i quit smoking. I became a bit of a hermit for a short time to be honest.

    lol, after 4 years i took it up again due to stress and now 6 months later thinking about kicking it again.

    Problem was that after 5 days when the urge had just about left, someone ( *cough* sher) needed some so i joined her

    so back on smoking kick but i swear when this baccy packet is mt that is it :bolt:
  15. I gave up just over a year ago. I went cold turkey. I think it is harder to cut down than what it is to give up completly. My job involves a fair amount of driving and my partner smokes so I had constant reminders!!! The craving do get less and less frequent. What I did to get thru them was the fact that they really did not last all that long, but they were frequent. What I kept telling myself was that the desire for a fix could never be reached. That is to say that if I did have a smoke it would not fix the cravings that I had, instead it would taste like shit. It was more so what I imagined a smoke would taste like, but reality would be different. So I was stuck that I could never reach that level of satisfaction, hence no point in having one. I set myself goals such as 1 week, 5 days to be one month, 6 months etc. And as I reached bigger and bigger goals I became more determined to not spoil them and work towards the next bigger one. A moment of weakness would not fix the problem, and I hated to spoil what I was so proud of. In time it gets easier and easier. The craving get less and less (plus no way to fix them anyhow unless I try to take it up again). Plus I have one other goal - bike with rego and insurance paid for each year. Plus servicing and one set of tyres. That is what smoking cost me so I made a choice for myself and that is the reward. Hope this helps

  16. Wow tones I am going to try that, I have been battling too.
  17. dont put your self through the pain .

    or if you have too
    you need a big breasted mistress or missus , something to put in your mouth will help.
  18. When I gave up I just threw my pack at a friend and said I was done with it... and I was. Luckily for me I hadn't been smoking for ages, and wasn't a heavy smoker.

    My mrs gave up about 2 years ago. She tried the gum and lozenges, but couldn't stand the taste, so she failed the first couple of tries. The incentive that she finally used was the fact that her cigarettes were ruling her life... how????

    She would get up 5 mins early to make sure she had time to have a smoke before leaving for work. Every break time revolved around ensuring she had enough time for the ciggie. Before we went out, she had to be ready with enough time to have a smoke before we left. Luckily, it was enough for her to give them up, which she did cold turkey.

    Unfortunately she has been back on them for at least 6 months now, and no I'm not happy about it... her general health hasd declined, and there really is nothing worse than kissing someone that smells like an ashtray.

    At least you are telling people you are quitting, which means they should be a little more understanding of any mood swings. Oh, and another method my mates would use with her was that if she asked for a smoke, they would tell her to ask them again in 1 minute. By then the craving or want had normally passed and she didnt ask again!
  19. it's been 6 1/2 years since I went cold turkey. Was a pack a day smoker for 18 years before that. The hardest part to get over is the 'habit', or the psychological addiction. The nicotine actually leaves your system after about 1 week or so. The 'habit' takes a lot longer to break. By using patches you're actually dragging out the process of cleansing the nicotine from your system. I used some worry beads to occupy my hands, and toothpicks to occupy my mouth. This helped with the 'habits' while playing cards or drinking etc. Never let your guard down. The 'habit' will sneak up on you when you're most vulnerable. Don't give in to it. Be in control, you decide how badly you want to give up. In the end, if you really want to, and you set your mind to it, you can do anything......

    Good Luck....
  20. take up pushy riding, worked for me :grin:

    cant be a smoker while being a rider (at least, not if you wanna do it for more than 5 mins at a time without collapsing :LOL: ) so you'll be left with a choice. trust me, after a few decent rides, ciggies look REAL unnatractive.

    been like 3 years now and even with an occaisional pissed ciggie and having a pack sitting around the house for just that reason, i still havn't turned it back into a habit.

    or take up pot, its better for your lungs and actually does something :cool: ciggies are bullshit, they give you cancer and.... well, thats it :LOL: at least with pot you'll have cancer and a bunch of pretty colours :p :p :p :p