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Help me get Bluant to upgrade the interphone system.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Liq, May 29, 2009.

  1. Checking out bike com systems, I've noticed one of the best wireless solutions at the moment is the BlueAnt.

    The only drawback being it can only pair two devices, and only have one active. Ie : If your in intercom mode, you wont hear your phone ring.

    I went to their site and noticed their teeny tiny personal headsets now can pair with 8 devices, can have multiple devices active (ie, pair two phones and hear them both ring) and have full voice control over picking up, switching channels, etc.

    So I rang sales to see if they were going to integrate this into the motorbike interphone systems. They said they had been getting quite a bit of interest in this, and were looking at the ability to connect multiple interphones together (say, 4). But, I did get the impression that not quite enough interest was being expressed to them.

    Imagine. We have the chance to get a company to make a uncomplicated, functional bluetooth solution the likes of which currently doesn't exist, that lets you team to multiple devices *and* hear them at the same time, with full voice control.

    So for the love of god, do what I did, and call 1300 669 049 demanding they integrate their new "Q1" multi device, voice activated technology into the (relatively bulkier) motorcycle interphone kits. It's seems they are right on the edge of enough interest, and the sales lady was quite enthusiastic about it all.
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  3. Me and a mate just order the Bluant interphone each. So if we both using intercom function and someone rings... we wont hear it?
    That sux...
    Been looking at the Q2 Cardo Scala, but were too pricey when I was able to get Bluant ones for $190 each...

    How much are the camos going for?
  4. 290 for the 100m range ones and 240 for the 10 m range
  5. Camos you reckon??

    Ask Jason what he thinks of the camos ;)

    Apparently the one to go for is the Parrot.

    I have an interphone on my helmet, it wont connect to my iPhone directly but it does connect to my Zumo GPS which in turn connects to my iPhone.

    Now I use my iPhone to listen to my music through my Earmolds and when a call comes in my iPhone mutes the iPod function and I take the call. When the call ends the iPod resumes playing my toons.

    Works pretty well.

    I have Jason's "I fcuken hate this camos shit" headset at home and I intend on fitting it this weekend and giving it a run.

    I'll report my findings in the next day or so.
  6. vic, u sure it dosnt hook up to the iPhone?

  7. Ive had the thing in pairing mode and it failed to find the iPhone.

    If anyone else has got it to go then I'd be interested in knowing how they did it.

    Not that it bothers me as I always have the GPS on the bike so I have access to the greed camera locations and all of my contacts are visible through the GPS.
  8. Geez, you're game, aren't ya???

    Back on topic, I was in the local Telstra shop the other day and while waiting to be served I noticed a Blueant product that appeared to be a head set with boom mike arrangement. I take it that this is the item in question? The Telstra shop had it for around $200, might've been a bit less.

    I'm interested in something that'll allow me to listen to music without having to use earphones which don't work to suppress wind noise. I'm not that fussed about using the phone as it'd probably be a distraction. Especially if it suddenly rings as you're overtaking someone on a tricky bit of road.

    Maybe an intercom, bike to bike, would be good. Thing is is persuading the mates to get one as well. If they're not interested then there's no point to it.
  9. The blueant wont do music yet, streaming. THe camos/parrot can.

    *sighs*. Together all the manufacturers have a great unit, but each just leaves out a critical feature or two that means that any particular unit, is balls.
  10. It's the same with multifunction printers. We want to get one that does print, copy, fax, DVD/CD printing, duplex printing and network connectivity. They all seem to do some features but not others. There probably is a model out there that does it but I've not seen one, yet. At least not in the Canon range and under $300...
  11. ive got a blueant setup in my car and the only way it will find the iPhone is when i turn the blueant on, i have to press the answer button on the blueant and it will hook up to my iPhone..

    not sure if that would be the same with the interphone
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  13. The multiset looks great, didn't realise it had different features to the regular twin pack of Q2's.

    Although If I were me, and I am, I'd hold off a little.

    Coming Soon: Review of a newly revised Midland BT2 intercom; the new Scala G4 and the new Twiin intercom system!
    All of which are being kept very hush hush, but should have AWESOME features.
  14. Also, note if you just want passenger comms, the scala "teamset" lets you talk to another headset with 10m but also CONFERENCE mobile calls and GPS.

    Getting close. I hope the Q4 lets you call conference, multi-intercom, multi-pair, has an mp3 jack, a remote PTT button and maybe answer/reject/volume... or at least full duplex constant intercom, and full voice control.

    What *else* could be coming up with new headsets apart from that? at which point, SOLD.
  15. Get the Camos. It hooks up to the Iphone for calls on channel one, BTA also on channel one for music & intercom on channel 2. Calls take priority over music & intercom.

    Works great so far!

    Edit: What problems did Jason have with the Camos?
  16. Good Question, I've had no contact so assume all is OK (even reasonable A/h calls are taken for support)