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Help me fix this dent please

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by vrooom69, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hey folks,

    Would any one know a DIY fix for this annoying dent on my tank?

    Ironically, I got it when the tow truck that came to pick up my high-sided bike, threw on the heavy metal buckle that secures the bike on top of it...while the fall it self didn't do much damage. :\

    Not considering spending the $700 I got quoted for a new tank.

    Any ideas?


  2. 700 for a new tank?? What bike you ride and also isn't the Rosie liable for damage to your bike?
  3. Towie*** f'n auto correct
  4. I did not spot the dent till about a week after I got the bike back from the service shop and they had it for 2 weeks. So by the time I got around to ringing up the towing company, too much time had elapsed giving them lots of arsenal for excuses and denial.

    Yeh the $700 was what I got quoted from 2 Honda dealerships for a new VTR 250 tank...ridiculous dont u think...
  5. it's about time you be hitting up motorcycle wreckers matey...or even waiting for a write-off/repairable write off to come along from ebay....alternatively there are company's that do dent repairs - http://www.bsdentpusher.com.au/ ( no..havn't dealth with him or the company - i'm content with any battle scars my bike picks up) ...as for DIY work...*shrugs* tried youtube?
  6. yep, wreckers and your friendly paint shop, still won't amount to $700 for a new replacement
  7. Thanks for the replies guys.
    Youtube has videos of paintless dent removal, seems like quite an undertaking.

    I've contacted 2 companies that offer such service around my area, one said they don't do motorbikes and the other...more interestingly, told me this:
    "You will need to paint that, it's too sharp."

    I've emailed the dsdentpusher, will let you know what they have to say.
  8. have you tried to find a paintless dent removal guy, not sure if they can do fuel tanks but i've seen the work of them on a car and it was bloody great!!

    the pro guys arent expensive either.
  9. I reckon to fill and paint it you'll be looking at around $400-600. Even then you'll have a tank with body filler in it.

    Piantless dent remover? these guys come out and suck our dents. There is a limit to what they can do, but as an indication they can remove some hail damage this way.

    [edit] looks like poeples got in before I posted.

    Well, even if you need to paint it, you might be able to rattle can it.
  10. There are some other options if you like to be hands on..

    One is to grab a hair dryer and a can of compressed air; heat the dented area with the hair dryer.. and when the area is hot to the touch, turn the air can upside down and hit it with a blast of cold.. usually wet.. compressed air.

    Another is an idea I got from an old plumber who had a small tool that was perfect for massaging out tank dents.. it was a bent piece of rod with two different sized Brass balls on opposite ends. It could be inserted into the tank and then slowly rub the dent up from the inside... maybe a hair dryer would help here too.

    Good luck with whatever approach you take.
  11. Small sink plunger will get most of it out - I had a 50 cent sized dent on a tank once used the punger solution to suck it back out - however it takes ages and is frustrating as hell when it is near a curve in the tank.

    Does work though - you had to really look to find it after i had finished. Plus one of those small sink plungers costs less than a tenner from a hardware store.
  12. I love it when people talk dirty about bikes. =D>

    You'll find that tools like that and the suction cup (AKA plunger) are what the paint-less repair blokes use.

    Go to a junk shop and get some old door/cupboard/bed knobs, the type that have threads up the guts... even a big blob of epoxy set on the end of a bent piece of rebar would do.
  13. That wont come out with a paintless dent remover. Too sharp.
    A cheap repair would be to drill it and get a slide hammer. Then spot it, bog it up and spray it.
    Or a wrecker....lol of you don't know what you are doing
  14. I reckon a DIY repair will never look as good as it does now. Good luck anyway!
  15. You're on a slippery slope when you start drilling a tank.

    It's hard to tell from a picture but if he takes his time he should be able to work the most of it out, without drilling or cutting, then a touch-up with some filler and paint. It's definitely the cheaper option.