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help me decide

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by auswr, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. have been bike shopping and decided that i like the vfr 800 and the sprint st.
    i cant decide which one to get i can get a new 07 vfr or a new 06 sprint st for the same price on the road.
    i will be using it to ride to work and fun on the weekend
    which would you choose and why?

  2. I'd go the VFR - Love the V4. Its a great all rounder - sporty enough for a track day, but still awesome for cruising, fanging, pillions, etc.

    + Its a honda, so it will be easier on parts / more convenient / cheaper with more honda dealers around.

    The spring is nice too, but I'd definitely go the VFR (and one day I will).
  3. Dont listen to phizog, his bike of choice for upgrade after he is off restrictions changes weekly. Jokes aside the VFR800 is very nice. If you have no other deciding factors, ride both and see what your heart says to you. Hopefully one of them will say to you 'you must have me!'
  4. the honda is the way to go.
    the triumphs are sweet bikes, and head to head would nail the vfr.....but you just cant go wrong with a newer model honda ;)
    that and after market parts/upgrades/mods/repairs are always going to be cheaper for a jap-bike :)
  5. Hang out until nov or so this year. First the VFR is design based on three / four year old technology (and is unlikely to survive another incarnation). The Triumph is good but also an aging technology ride.

    The new Fireblade is touted to be a V4 with improvements inline with the CBR600 this year.

    Why is this important. Becuase you are paying a very high price for a new (but old) bike. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad abou these bikes. IMHO, they are not worth the money new.

    Second hand another issue as you are getting the same bike with a few thousand k's.
  6. Haha so true, but its more like daily :)

    A cbr600rr v4? I just wet myself!
  7. Just going by your criteria I would have to say go the Honda. However if trips are planned the Trumpy will eat the miles in better comfort and I believe better pillion comfort as well. I agree with holding off a bit though and see what's around the corner unless you can use the current state as a bargaining point.
  8. i'd go the sprint, the vtec vfr's are costly to service, if you want to maintain the factory warranty, and i am very honda biased, but the sprint is still a relatively gorgeous bike, with a little more poke, but will cost a bit more to commute on
  9. they have a discount on both bikes they are $13990 plus on road, and a second hand 04 vfr about $12000
    will the 08 vfr come with a different type of motor?
  10. Is this the Sprint or the VFR?
  11. its for a 07 vfr or a 06 sprint
  12. Ok now I am interested. Where are you getting that price from. I have permission from my "boss" to get my new VFR and from all indications that price is unbelievable.
  13. Thanks mate, I'll have to see what the dealers up in Brissy can do now.