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Help me decide

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CHLLR, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Straight out......

    Current 2014 RSV4 APRC ABS in red. Titanium Akra slip on.

    Really want a 2015 S1000RR.
    I've been offered 22k for my Ape, with the pipe. (bike owes me $22,900 incl pipe)

    S1000RR I'm assuming will be around the 26-27 mark.

    Who thinks it would be worth the upgrade???

    I have a Devil and an Angel on my shoulders at the moment.................

  2. They are both great bikes, I doubt there is much between them. You should test ride the BMW then decide if you like it enough to change over. Only you can decide on how they feel to you.
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  3. Agree with Senator17 - but would add forget about what the current bike "owes" you as this is most often never realised (depreciating asset and all). Once over that its simply down to the ride!

    Nice choice to have to make though...:]
  4. which colour???
    TRI / RED / BLACK ?????????????
  5. Black is too bland and common. Go for Tri
  6. Thats what I needed..... haha.
    Isnt it funny how you're just waiting for that one comment.

    Black looks tough but it is too plain, most people wouldnt know what it is.
    Red, well - looks great but my rsv4 is red so I cant get red again.
    traditional bmw tri colours look great.
    Might match the blue and paint the rims who knows.... Tinted screen, levers, eliminator... MAYBE a pipe and away we go!

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  7. Have you test ridden? Is the order subject to you doing so?
  8. Nope, haven't ridden... Just sat on one. I'll love it
  9. Good for you to place your order. Still I would have test ridden it first to make sure I'm happy with it. A mate just bought a Ducati because he always dreamed of owning a Ducati. Didn't test ride it and now doesn't like it and regrets the purchase. I really hope you like it and that it's a great bike.
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  10. I just replied to your other thread and then I saw this. Well done and congrats on awesome purchase. Do you live in Sydney?

    IT would be great to see both of us on 15 Scherr. It's like seeing Double! Twins are going around the twisties. Same bike, color and one great ride
  11. Oh well, its only money if you've made a bad choice! Lol

    I can think of quite a few people who have wanted a particular bike until they got to test ride one.

    I hope thats not the case for you, seing as your test ride will be on the way home from the dealer with a much lighter wallet.
  12. In Melbourne mate :)
    Just hanging to get this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I can't wait either!

    I'm planning to go and watch the motogp and Phillip Island and if I do I will give you heads up!

    Did you think of any mods

    I have a few

    Tail Tidy
    R&G Fender, Forks protectors
    tinted Screen
    Shorty Akrapovic Exhaust or Full Tiatanium exhaust

    In no rush but just brainstorming =D