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Help me decide :)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by NWRAP, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. I'm going to add some colour to my 2010 ZX6r..

    Black & Blue



    Orange & Black

  2. Black and blue, without a doubt, especially how they show in the pics on my computer, however having had 2 bikes in the black and orange scheme it does look awesome when done right!
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  3. orange gives it a nice touch [personally] I'd remove the Ninja and kawasaki labels.
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  4. Black & blue, 100%!
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  5. I would be Black & Blue with no hesitation for me!
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  6. I like it in white!!!
  7. i'd go with the Orange and black. i makes the lines and curves of the bike more prominent.

    try a lil more brighter orange and matt black?
  8. black and blue for me
  9. Black and blue

    I reckon you'll get tired of the orange and black
  10. Thank you all for your comments :)

    It has been decided that Black & blue it shall be :)
  11. make it kawa green ;)
  12. Nah not a fan of Kwaka green...that's why I got a white one :p

    The thought did cross my mind as was originally done in green but the boss told me she hated it...lol