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Help me decide - ZX9R or VTR1000 2001 - 2002

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V8cressida, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Looking to buy my next bike. Whittled down my choices to 2 bikes. I realise they are almost chalk and cheese but they both have qualities I like.

    As I will be putting around 15k on it each year looking for longevity and low maint costs. Which 1 of the 2 would be the most reliable and light on the pocket ?

  2. Reliable and light on the pocket = honda.

    Ball-tearing child eating fun = kwaka.
  3. Having ridden a VTR1000F for 3 years in the late 90's, and ridden a ZX9R, about the only thing that I'd say that the 9R did better was have a top-end I4 rush.

    In terms of actually punting you along a road more quickly, the old Firestorm can easily outpace a 9R, just due to its sheer grunt and drive. Stick a nice set of carbon cans on it, preferably with a 2" full-system headers (as opposed to the stock 40mm headers), and you'll get a glorious exhaust note that many Ducati owners pay $15K more for.

    In a 2-mile long straight-line drag, the 9R would win, but that'd be about the only place it would have a clear margin of victory.

    The VTR1000F's are severely under-rated sports bikes. Many label them merely as a sports-tourer, but really they sit in a grey-zone between a sports-tourer and a full-blown sports bike. A VFR is a sports-tourer, and the VTR-F's are harder edged than a VFR. They're amazingly easy to wheelie, and comfortable to all but the most wet-cardboard wristed punces.

    In comparison, a ZX9R feels fat and heavy with a wheezing motor that doesn't go until you get it above 9K rpm, whereas the VTR will pull like a locomotive from 2500rpm upwards.
  4. And While the VTR is guzzling unleaded with it's ferocious appetite, the 9R will zing along for almost 400km to a tank if ridden with sanity.
  5. I think you'd better test-ride the ones you were looking at - I personally found the VTR very uninspiring, and went so far as to buy the 9R.
  6. Yeah - that's a bit of an issue. The 2001+ VTR's have 18L tanks though, and I got anywhere from 14-22km/l (on my '98 VTR), depending on how I was riding.

    I always had the full system fitted though, and for some odd reason, I generally experienced better fuel economy as a result than stock VTR's. Go figure. Most I got out of my old VTR with its 15L tank was 290kms (really it was 14.4L from bone dry to full from memory), but typically 220-240kms per tank for mixed riding.

    Edit: Oh, and my bike was 1T down on the front sprocket for better drive, dropped the triple-clamp through the forks by 10mm, and the full exhaust system meant it was putting out around 110rwhp with a fatter mid-range. Okay, I guess that I'm not really talking about a stock VTR1000F after all, but I'm just saying that all it takes is a nice exhaust system and a minor sprocket change to turn them into quite an entertaining ride.
  7. Twinner are grinners.

    I have owned |4's and then I rode a twin.

    Unless some manufacturer wants to give me an |4, you listening Mr. Strickland? I'll never buy one again ;)
  8. So how many k's would you expect to get from these before major engine rebuilds (assuming non thrash riding) ? And the Kwaka would be dearer to rebuild having four pots ?

  9. Never mind the rebuild, just don't ever have a reason to replace a Kawasaki fairing unless you can readily sell your wife to pay for it :)

    As for longevity, run it with cooking oil and they will both die quickly, give them the good stuff and you will get many many thousands of km's out of them.
  10. About 1 million. They're Jap bikes and do not wear out. For the record the VFR in the Shed has over 100,000kms and still runs sweetly even after being thrashed quite badly from time to time.
  11. I am probably splitting hairs really.

    On one hand the VTR sounds horny and has plenty of low down grunt, which I suppose if we were honest with ourselves is probably all we really use 95% of the time unless you are track bound. But on the other hand it has a relatively short fuel range and (to me) doesn't look as good as the kwaka because of the lack of full fairing. And yeah I know an SP1 but that would be more than I want to spend.

  12. Sounds to me like your mind was already made up from the beginning, and you're really just looking for a good reason NOT to buy the 9R. There isn't one. Go buy the 9R.
  13. if money worries you and you are doing your maintinance, get the storm. if you just wanna go fast, and look good get the 9R. the storm aint no slouch. fuel consumption issues are with the earlier models. i get 15kms per litre for around town and scratching. not really that different to anything else in the I4 litre market. one problem ive had wit the storm is that it is an inherintaly quirky bike. if you want to ride it hard, there are a number of things you'll need to address. this isnt a problem in 95% of situations. these quibles dont really need mega bucks. just a wrench and some time. the storm is a very easy bike to ride, at cruising or flying through the twisties. it feels alot lighter than it is. its comfortable, for both pillion and rider. it really is a versatille bike.
  14. You know what I find interesting Stew? The parts of the human mind associated with rational decision making only tend to come into play AFTER decisions have been made - that is, when trying to present a rational argument for an essentially emotionally driven decision. It's a pity people can't recognise and be more honest about this, how much bullshit would that solve? Expecting people to be rational is an inherently flawed assumption, we're great at justifying AFTER the fact but pants at making rational decisions, instinct and emotion run too deep.
  15. Hmmm last time I checked there still isn't a bike in my shed and my bank balance hasn't changed.

    It seems that no one on here by weight of numbers swings either way as well. Might be a coin toss decision. Unfortunately I don't live in the big smoke with a hundred bike shops begging me to come in and test ride these two bikes. Even the trading post ATM doesn't have these two bikes for sale at the same time. Any body you know would let me go for a "tyre kicker" test ride ? No? why aren't I surprised.
  16. Sure thing.

    I'd be more than happy for you to come test ride mine if you like.

    But be warned, you will never ride an inline 4 again :)

    Just tell me when and i'll be sure to make myself available.
  17. I'd go the VTR..... but given the choice between the VTR and something else I bought something else, so dont rely on me.....

  18. So you're in Hobart Vic ?

    Any real diff between the 99' and 01' models ?
  19. Tarneit Victoria USUALLY doesnt mean Hobart Tasmania.

    I could be wrong though.
  20. I reckon your right but he did offer :p