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Help me decide - ZX6R or CBR1000RR or....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ElZilcho, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Okay, had a ZXR250 for a couple of years, sold it a month or so ago.

    Now im looking to get a new bike, it will be my main commuting machine to uni, as well as weekend blaster.

    The bikes im considering would be the 05 onward ZX6R, 04 onward CBR1000RR or the 06 GSXR600/750. Im prepared to spend around 14 grand or so, not a strict budget. That pretty much rules out the latter, as there are none available 2nd hand as yet and i dont think a new one could be had on road for that.

    So, from what ive seen the 04 and 05 CBR1000RR seems to be available very cheap at the moment, both in dealer runouts and 2nd hand. Ive read that this bike is very stable and "user friendly" for a litre bike, and im pretty confident i could handle it.

    Im also interested in the ZX6R. There are a few of these going 2nd hand for reasonable prices, or i may even be able to squeeze a new for a good price, especially love the '06 all black model.

    So really the question is - 04/05 CBR1000RR or 05/06 ZX6R?
  2. Havnt ridden either.

    But I think I would rather an 05 CBR1000 then 05 ZX6
    (Actually I would rather save the cash and stress and get an 00, which is what I did :LOL:, very different bike to the 05)

    Do you want the power and extra weight of the 1000?
    Better for hwy, and slightly larger (comfort if your big) I expect.

    Ride them and see what you think :grin:
  3. if its commuting i would opt for the zx6r as they are awsome bikes and they will keep the smile on ur face for a long time
    the cbr 1000 are great as well and being pretty user friendly they are great for going for ur weekend runs as well
    try both bikes and then decide
    either way u will be a happey person ..... BUT if i had my way 750 gsxr k6 best of both worlds :grin: :grin:
  4. Whatever you choose (or want) remember to include insurance cost!! Factor that as it can be high as 6,000 (or more?) depending on your age and rating!
  5. i agree if i had that much money i'd go the 750, it will take you longer to outgrow (if ever?) than the 600 and it won't be quite as crazy as a litre. nice looking bike the gsxr750.

    with all that cash i'm sure you'll end up with something damn nice. :grin:

    but don't ask us, if you're buying new the dealers will love you, test rideeeeeee! :twisted:
  6. daytona triumph 675?

    I heard its the best road going supersports bike at the moment
  7. 2 problems I see. 1: being able to get one (there is a chance, depends on colour and how hard you look) and 2, it's around $16K with ORC (14,890 + ORC)
  8. Thanks for the opinions guys. Ideally i would get the K6 750, but i very much doubt it would fall into my price range. Last time i was in Peter Stevens they were actually going for about a grand more than the 1000! Id probaly consider the Triumph 675 too, but as mentioned they are hard to get and quite expensive as a result. Plus i dont really like the colours they come in.

    Ill starting shopping around the dealers to see what sort of prices im looking at on road for a few bikes, might even have a look at the K6 GSXR600. i'd say i may well end up going for a 2nd hand 1000RR though, its alot of bike for $13k or so.
  9. Go the 1000RR. The first time a rode a 600, I couldn't believe how slow they are! At least with the 1000 you won't be wanting to trade up as quickly.
    Keep away from the triumph, as they have a pretty bad reputation for reliability.