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Help me decide which bike (between 3)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lextsy, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I have been looking for a bike for a few weeks and have narrowed my choice down to 3 bikes. I will try the best to describe each bike and go from there.

    My main riding will be commuting and crusin around in summer. My budget is ideally around $5000 but I can stretch if its worth it.

    1) Aprilia rs250
    Rego till May 14

    - I went and looked at this bike today. The guy was nice and seemed to have a genuine interest in bikes. It has been down once but the sticker has been scratched and nothing much else. He is asking for $5900 however I think he will accept $5500 min.


    (I hope i can post links)

    2) CBR600RR
    12 months rego

    I went and saw this bike today. The front part of the bike has been replaced and the side fairing needs replacing although I have found one for $100. The owner had an accident at the track and has only ridden 500kms since. Either he is truly scared or it has other damage not disclosed. He is asking $6500 but will take 6250 minimum.

    Here is the link from oroad.

    The problem is the fromt cowling is second hand and it isnt scratched but its not nice and new. This is a good bike assuming there is no damage to the chassis.

    3) cbr600rr
    8 months rego

    This bike is on ebay and seems to be immac. He is asking $8750 so id assume it may sell for $8400 or so.


    4) CBR600RR

    The seller is asking around $7000 with 12 months rego. The bike looks good but needs a chain and sprocket and perhaps a tyre.


    The problem is as usual the better bikes cost the most. It is probably wise to pay the 8750 for the 3rd bike however if the scratched cbr600 rides good I can replace the fairings and have the bike about 1000 to 1500 cheaper.

    Is it better to buy a high mileage non crashed bike or a low kms with damage. Any bike i buy will be inspected so where do i start? I dont fancy gettng 4 bikes inspected. I feel like streching and getting the 2006 cbr600rr but ive really then blown my budget by nearly 4k.

    I would love to hear any opinions on what everyone thinks.

  2. They're not the bikes to commute with, so I decline to suggest either.

    Be careful of rs250, and cheap cbr600rr for that matter, which may have been used for amateur racing, and then had the stock fairing/parts put back on at the end of the season.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I have owned 3 cbr250rrs, and 2 dirt bikes. Perhaps I should just buy another cbr250rr. Im not good at making descisions
  4. for starters, learn to count :wink:
  5. haha yeh i added one more at the end.
  6. im assuming u prefer your sports bikes?

    ever considered a naked?
    i can think of alot better bikes for commuting than any of them.
    and really u have a choice of 2 bikes, 250 or 600 cbr...
  7. well i only really like the styling of a sports bike and I would prefer a honda so it does limit me. But id b e happy with a cbr600f4i also. Id also love a cbr400rr or something but really why pay 5k for a 90 somethin model when mid 2000 bikes are barely a grand or 2 more.
  8. They aren't? I understand why you might say that about the rs250, but the cbr600?

    Perhaps get an older cbr600? You can get a great F3/F4 in near great nick for that kind of money.
  9. C'mon Robin ... we all know '4' is the new '3' these days :p
  10. Excellent post AAA+++ would read again
  11. Thats a good idea. I was looking at the f3 600s a few months ago and a few were around 4000 but it seems its a dry patch now as people are asking 5 or 6 for them. I just missed out on a f4i for 5500 so I might wait to see if another pops up. Alternatively I will cash advance the difference on my credit card and go all out and pay it back next month.

    The only problem is now do I buy a 06 cbr for 8k or do i pay an extra couple of grand and get an 07 for 10 lol
  12. i'd buy the 06
  13. My 20 cents.

    I always think of resale when I buy, so I buy the one with the lowest K's, that is newest with the least damage in my budget. You'll be happy come the time to sell it when you are not selling a bike with 55,000+ plus (on it in a few years). Plus a ~1-2yr old bike you are saving heaps on the tag price for something that is almost new.

    I bought an '04 18month old F4i a few years back with 700k's (Yeah only 700k's) on it for $10k, what a bargin. Destroyed it 6 months later and got paided out $13,800 by the insurance company. Glad I didn't buy new or too old...

    Or if you don't want to be too concerned about your ride, just by a cheap good condition older bike like an CBR600F4 and save a fist full. So much bang for buck there and will easily keep up with current machines on the road too...

    So what r u gonna get?
  14. well I really want a CBR250RR However I just cant justify paying over $5000 when you can pick up a good cbrf400i for about 6500 now so I am kind of stuck atm.

    I am just going to wait until a good deal comes along and jump on it.
  15. You should be able to pick up a cbr250rr for around $4000, although it would more than likely need some work done/consumables replaced. You're likely to get a good resale with the 250's. Very fun and flickable.

    However in your place, I'd go for a cbr600rr. Similar weight to the 250's (believe it or not!), and a heck of a lot more power. Perhaps 2.5x the power. Being newer, it'll have less ageing parts to replace. I also like the look of the F4i's. Probably more comfortable than the 600RR for commuting.