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Help me decide on some leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Hey all, i feel as if i have ridden past the design criteria of my kevlar jeans and commuting jacket, and need to upgrade to some leather gear as soon as i can.
    As for my riding, i _ONLY_ ride for pleasure on the weekends, i also plan to do some track work in the future. I do not commute ever, my bike is not even located at my house so if im going to go to the effort to drive over to my mates place to go for a ride, then it better be a good one.

    So far i have come down to three options:

    A) Dainese Laguna Seca Pro suit (onezie).
    Good points: Best protection, Best fit, best long term investment for track use, perforated model also a potential for summer. This is also the cheapest option, at $1399 (mcas)

    Bad points: The only downside is the inconvenience, i feel that i can probably live with it however. i doubt im going to get judged at road warriors for wearing a one piece considering everyone there are fellow riders. But i am interested in hearing some more seasoned riders perspective of wearing a one piece on the road. Keep in mind, i dont ride anywhere besides the twisties.

    8) Two piece version of the laguna seca (1499 mcas)

    Good points: 90% of the protection exists, has pockets ( i think)

    Bad points: Costs 100$ more (yes that makes a difference to me), doenst have collarbone protection, doesnt have the proper race hump, jacket is too short to actually be a jacket on its own, wont fit as well or feel as good as the one piece will.

    C) New Delmar jacket, Delta pants (1649 mcas)

    Good points: Most convenient situation, has pockets, jacket can be worn as a jacket but still zips to the pants for suit like protection.

    Bad points: less protection compared to the suit (much less foam padding in the chest area, which is a bit of a deal for me and my skeletal build) doest have a proper race hump.

    So, i think the suit is the best option, it ticks the sensible boxes which is financial and safety, the only downside is perhaps being judged by others while i sip my latte or eat a pie. as i said before, seasoned riders perspectives on the issue are very welcome here, would you judge someone on their L plates wearing a race suit.

    I appreciate your reading of my long thread.
  2. you could get custom leathers for those prices.
    a one piece is less convenient when you need a pitstop. also can be a bugger to get on and off by yourself. good for riding though.
    these guys have a good name in Sydney
    I've got tiger angel 2 piece leathers (more a touring design than a race design) that I wear most of the time if its not wet.
  3. i have a 2 piece for street and a one piece for track.

    i cant get out of my one piece without someone helping me so that is a bit of an inconvenience.

    both suits are berik suits.
  4. Not sure on advice on which to go for - personally would get two piece for convenience. Can take jacket off whilst sipping your latte etc. As for one piece and L plates - the two don't really go together in my mind, but you will be off your L's P's etc. soonish and the leather will last much longer.

    By the way - check out this place for Dainese stuff, you will save several hundred $$'s. I just got a jacket from them, $25 delivery fee, top class service.


  5. RS taichi gmx motion two piece from motorcycleracegear.com.

    Under a grand, excellent quality, heaps of perforation.

    Email them for a good price.
  6. Yea ive seen all the Taichi gear, i have bought alot of gear from o/s specfically from SPT. the issue with leather is i dont know my size and im not going to buy a suit i have never tried on as thats just stupid. Thats why im sticking to the brands i can try on in sydney.
  7. Don't get a 1piece unless you are happy NOT to be able to get out of it alone (think about the possible consequences of this).
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    think they'd help each other
  9. This is something that i did not consider, i appreciate the youtube video. ill see how i go in store, if its too much of a biatch i think ill just go the two piece, but if its not i think the onezie is a go.
  10. If you can get out of a 1piece without much drama it doesn't fit properly (or you are an acrobat/gymnast).
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