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help me choose

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by halifax, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. ok guys yeaterday i booked into do my l's so ill get a bike in a few months and hav decided that its probly better to get a naked bike just in case i do take a fall i hav put it down to a-
    honda vt250 spada
    suzuki gsf250 bandit
    yamaha fzx250 zeal
    can u just tell me which of these you would choose and why thanks guys

  2. Twins are better (FLAME ON!) so get the Spada :p

    Nah, AFAIK they're all pretty good bikes. If you fit on them all the same I think it's pretty much a coin toss. They're all imports too aren't they?
  3. New or used?

    I'd probably go the twin also, in a 250.

    Easier ride and not that far behind in performance. Easier to maintain and less somplicated.

    All the more true if your buying used.
  4. Don't mean to confuse things more but any reason you aren't considering a hornet or VTR?

    I like having a v-twin.
    If I was shorter I would have gone for a Spada I reckon.
  5. You're doing absolutely the right thing by having a number of bikes to choose from and evaluating each of them.

    There's nothing worse than laying your money down and then finding that you could have got something better, cheaper.

    Resaerch your chosen bikes, ride an example (or examples) of each and watch the press and the net for bikes that fit in with your criteria.

    Then, when the time comes to buy, you will be a well-informed buyer, you are much less likely to get ripped off and you'll be delighted with your purchase.

    Do a search for the bikes you mentioned and any others that get suggested in here and see what others have said about them. We probably have people in here who have either ridden or owned every 250 there is.
  6. Assess the type of riding that you are going to be doing. Do you want it purely for commuting, do you want if for weekend fanging, or both. This can potentially influence your decision, the best commuters are not necessarily the weekend fang machine and vice versa. Sit on as many as you can find, don't necessarily be limited to the three that you have selected above. I sat on about ten different bikes before I ended up making a choice.
    Take into account other factors besides price including, cost to insure, availability and cost of replacement parts, availability and cost of mechanics competant to work on said bike, reliability etc. All of these factors as well as looks need to be tied in together in order to get the bike that floats your boat.
  7. ok so i shouldv been more specific the bike will be for weekend fanging

    ibast- yeh ill buy a 2nd hand bike
    bogus69- i honestly didnt even think of those two ill look into them as well
    rc36- thanks for the encouragement
    nodz- yeh all you said is very true thanks for the advice
  8. spada is pretty small, its a capable bike, but its meant for the little people. i wasn't impressed personally, it had a touch more solid a feel down low than my bandit, but ran out of gear quicker and didn't have the same top end punch. probably easier to learn on, but not as great for a weekend fang.

    stay away from the early model bandits, they were much much better after 95 so spend a few bob extra and get one of them. they are a reasonable size, and can be made taller by changing the rear shock over to an early model one. riding position was comfy as for me (6foot) and i loved the revvy nature of the motor.

    never RODE the other nakeds, but sat on all but the VTR. bandit, zeal, hornet, balius are all VERY similar size and position wise (the bandit was a bit different after raising it tho) and i'd imagine would all have the same sort of performance being 4cyl 4 strokes.

    SPADA and VTR have the same motor pretty much, except that the VTR is down 1 gear (only has 5). the SPADA was a really well built bike, and production stopped because they cost too much to make. just a bit small for my liking and i liked the revvy bikes better.
  9. I had a VTR 250 as my first bike.
    The torque was great, but once you were at 100km/h, there was very little left in it.
    I'm also almost 6ft tall and 90kg, so if i had my time and money again, i would've bought the Hornet 250. I have heard of people getting 180 km/h out of them! :shock:
    Looks the toughest 250 on the market with the FAT 180 size rear tyre!
  10. Well if it's fanging only then maybe one of the 4's. But be honest with yourself. I'd only get one of these if all I was doing was fanging.

    A trip in the countryside would be more pleasent on one of the less highly strung beasts
  11. You should also check out the 250 Suzuki Katana, no fairings but has a proper sports riding position with the same engine as the early bandits (good for a top speed of around 170-180kph, more torque than a v-twin).
  12. Zeal... jack be nimble jack be quick...

    top little bike.. got a mate with one... and come to think about it he will be selling it soon...
  13. For weekend fanging maybe one of the inline 4s?
  14. * edit the double post
  15. im gonna go to some dealerships and try some on for size namely the zeal, vtr and a bandit and see which feels best
    do these 3 sound good for a fang through the twisties guys?
  16. Have the CONFIDENCE that you wont do a SOBIL and widen your options with a faired bike. Just seems to be a negative attitude that you have resolved to the fact that you ARE going to do a SOBIL.

    Cheers 8)
  17. who's sobil i think ive missed something? im not getting a faired bike.
    and the last sentence made no sense to me :?
  18. Sobil is a bloke on the forums who's spent his fair share of time sliding along tarmac of late.
  19. sobil is a dude who bought a fzr250 think that he wouldn't end up putting it down the road.

    Whether you get a naked or faired, throwing it down the road is going to do some serious damage to your bike. If you simply have a carpark drop then the outcome with the naked bike will likely be cheaper.

    Daz mate, thanks for the support yeah? cheers mate.....
  20. I had no idea they were that big :shock: . I'm sure the engine could trouble that rubber too :LOL: .