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Help me choose a new fairing colour.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by boingk, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Pretty self explanatory. Long story short, my brother and I got 2 RS125's. More detail is in my thread in Projects and Modifications. My bikes fairing has been given the old rattle-can matt black treatment by the last owner and looks a bit ratty. I've sanded it down with a progression of 400, 800, then 1200 grit paper and its all ready for the spraygun.

    This is where I need help. What colour d'you reckon would be good? I've got black and brown gear so I don't think anything would clash, and in any case I wouldn;t care too much anyway. I am toying with the idea of painting it brilliant white and a few coats of gloss, but would like some suggestions and ideas. Two-colour jobs and basic patterns are in, anything goes really.

    Cheers everyone - boingk
  2. Red, it's the fastest.

    Or black everything looks good in black, or white works well.
  3. Find the flattest matt black on the planet and use that.

    Matt black is the new black.

    Saw a Holden Ute sprayed matt black all over and I drooled. I dont even like cars
  4. Paint his pink. Yours whatever colour he wanted.
  5. matt black and dark metalic decals.

    BTW sanding down to 1200 is crazy, less mechanical adhesion.
    even 800 is wasted effort.

    400 for colours
    600 for metalics
    800 if your really picky and doing fine silver.
  6. RS125 with a pepsi paintwork looks good!
  7. :LOL: Hahaha, awesome idea... still, he payed 3 times as much for his as I did for mine so he's got every right to the low-miler.

    Getting a lot of votes for matt black here, kinda interesting as I've always though it looks good but don't particularly want anything in it. I reckon I'd feel a bit better with something slightly more visible, especially seeing as I've got dark gear. Perhaps go military and do a matt olive green, complete with black serial number?

    Zbike - I was under the impression that 1200 was ideal for an undercoat, then shlap the overcoat on after a rub back to 1200 on the undercoat. Essentially, the finer the better. On a micro level the finer abrasive would give much more adhesion, surely?

    Good ideas everyone, keep 'em coming.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. Matt black... or any colour, as long a it's got an offset white racing stripe running lenthways over the tank and tail.

    Would a light colour make th bike look bigger like painting a room a light colour makes the room look bigger? Consider that maybe.
  9. Boingk,

    Have you considered an Urban Camo design ? Have seen another bike with the blue style camo and that looked ridiculously awesome.
    Now, going by your riding gear colour of black/brown, that would contrast magnificently with Urban in the background.

    Make it stand out dude !

    Good luck and don't forget to post pictures when it's completed.

  10. Nickers - Thats a champion idea, only I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it as I'll be doing this with a mate who has spray equipment, not at a properly qualified spray shop. This is pretty much to do with financial reasons, also because I've seen his work and I like the results. Essentially I'll be fronting for the paint and prepping the fairings (mostly done already).

    Any suggestions on how to do a camo design? I'm guessing there would be lots of large decal masking thingies involved...or possibly just decals?

    Cheers - boingk
  11. not too sure on how a standard camo is done
    but ive done some hunting gear with a camo along these lines

    do a google search on "real tree camo" (images) sorry it wont let me post a link

    you start by laying down a base colour then stick some different leaves to it and spray over them with a differentg colour then do the same again with another colour and leaves in different positions and continue using 3 colours but differnt shades it comes up looking pretty wicked. seen it on a 4x4 but never on a bike

    you can also get like bake on stickers with this design i think its only in natural colours though
  12. Flat silver - same as the tank on the other bike but all over, match the frame/swingarm. See if you can find the large Aprillia lion head decal for the main fairings:


    And any others you want in red and/or black. Keeps it looking like an Aprilia but still unique.
  13. Non-metallic orange!
  14. I love the original idea of white. You'll be visible and looking sharp. It'll contrast nicely with the black riding gear.

    White with a black racing stripe would look awesome too.

    Yellow with black detailing aslo looks great.

  15. Matte black Aprilias look fantastic, especially if you only have that one little aprillia decal on the front guard. :grin:
  16. Yeah, I like that. Top of the list so far, followed by...

    Nice stuff everyone, some good ideas all round.

    Now I just gotta go down and buy the paint, as I'm waiting on some stuff like a handlebar and front sprocket retainer from the dealer. Just little stuff, not essential or anything :shock: :LOL:

    Cheers - boingk
  17. Good luck with the new look boingk !
    I'm sure the final product will be amazing and jaw-dropping to all within the vicinity of your weapon.
    Don't forget to grace us with your transformed bike's presence...ahem, pictures, please :)

  18. changed my mind...

    Ducatti Red,,w ith Ducatti Details...

    Confuse everyone!
  19. Do you mind taking photos of the process?

    I'm interested from a DIY paint point of view and also the Aprilia point of view!

    Good luck!
  20. Just thought I'd better post back with the latest.

    My brother and I have struck a deal - I didn't really want to paint my bike unless I had to, and he wasn't crazy about the factory job on his. So we swapped fairings! Hahaha, what a legend... He's going to do his in metallic blue and white with some pearl, the different colours following the contours of the fairing, seperated by some red pinstriping. I reckon it'll look sharp.

    I'll post pics of mine with the new fairing etc once I'm done (hopefully today), and his when its done.

    Cheers all - boingk