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Help me choose a mountain bike/bmx bike

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lornetkowiec, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. So like the title says I'm looking to buy a mountain bike or bmx bike. I haven't owned a pushy since I was 14 so don't really know where to start. I know I definitely won't be a wearing any lycra and don't want a race bike :)

    I have a few bike tracks where I live and want to get back on two wheels to get a bit fitter as I am sick of running. I will mainly be on sealed roads but maybe will take it off road a little if the opportunity arises. I am able to spend about $600-700 (maybe can spend a little more if necessary but hopefully this will get me something decent). I know a lot of people on here own pushy's so can anyone recommend me a good bike/website to start me on my way? Is worth buying local or from the US with our strong $?

  2. ask Deano :D
  3. Hang on, I missed what size engine your after???
  4. Quite a few years back I bought one of these:

    Mine's held up well over the years given the amount of abuse it's received as a result of having taken it down some VERY rough firetrails through the bush on more than a few occassions. Only real issue was the fact the plastic pedals snap off very easily - but alloy ones are less than $20. For a mix of sealed and dirt road riding it'd be perfect, and fits nicely within your budget.

    My old man bought an Avanti brand bike around the same price range (not sure on the exact model) - and has had nothing but problems with it. So that's certainly not a brand I'd recommend.
  5. I bought a Giant Transend back in September and have pedalled it extensively over our local network of former railway lines. Haven't had need to lay a spanner on it apart from to do the PDI that the shop conspicuously failed to do. I wouldn't mind some slightly nobblier tyres for the gravel tracks and I find it a bit undergeared on downhill stretches but it's not bad for <$500.

    I'll upgrade the bits as the factory fitted stuff breaks or wears out. It's already got a fat arse seat, which is good 'cos there's no suspension and some of the tracks still have sleeper indentations that rattle my time-expired fillings.
  6. I've got a decade plus old Giant ATX 860 that I'd update the parts on before buying something new as I find the everything about the frame and it's geometry just works. The only things I've done to it are the the opposite to Pat by putting semi slicks on as I used it a lot on the road, I added a set of bar ends as they provide somewhere to rest on flatter sections and extra leverage on the hills and finally a set of clip in pedals (VP's SPD knock offs).
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up going to my local shop in Chatswood and an hour later walked away with this http://www.leisurewheels.co.uk/products.php?plid=m1b3s2p8725

    Pretty good value for $529 IMO. Maybe could've got it online for cheaper but the service there was top notch so I'm happy to pay a little more. Now to learn how to use all these frickin gears!!!
  8. Yep something simple like that is what I was going to suggest. Minimal maintenance keeps them running close enough to forever. You did the right thing in not getting rear suspension, I was worried for a moment before the picture came up.