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Help me Choose a Maxi!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by ronni, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Hi! all I am a new to the world of two wheels and have had my 100cc scooter for 3 months!! I want more power!! I have looked at the 250cc Suzuki Burgman, Honda Forza, Yamaha Majesty, Piaggio X9 Evolution. Any comments on any of these??? I want to be able to zip around the xity and suburbs and have enough get up and go for long hilly open roads and long rides!!

  2. If you are looking at ~200, why not add aprilia sportcity to the list.
  3. hi mate

    what sort of power is it that your really after? Is it top end speed or speed off the line?

    If its top end your after i'd really look at some of the bigger scoots cause my Sport City is a 200cc but its still only comfortable at 80-100km/hr and for extended touring or long freeway trips i'd rather have a bit more go.

    In terms of the bigger 400cc+ maxi scooters, Australian Roadrider mag did a comparrison of 5 - the Majesty, Nexus, X9, T-Max and Burgman. The article is in the current issue so grab a copy if your interested.
  4. This seems odd. Mine seems fine at up to 100 with a pillion. They do loosen up considerably after 2-3K, so if yours is new it will get better. But it is not a touring bike of course and you won't be overtaking any monaros.
  5. Hi!
    Thanks guys. I like the look of the Sport City but am after as much power I am able to have on my learners and P's. I will have to find out how long I am restricted for it may only be on my L's. Thanks Duffman. I was contemplating waiting until I am not restricted to size, but thought a 250 maybe enough like some bike shop sales-man have told me. They also said 100cc was enough for me!! Yeah right. I saw that article, thanks. I sort of got the impression that they all have pros and cons and ended up a bit confused. I guess I will have to see if I can go and phsically view them all.
  6. Yeah well I want something that isn't too sluggish of the mark but can climb long hills on a highway at the speed limit. Touring may be a possibility but it won't be 8 hour a day trips days on end just the odd holiday or weekend every now and then. Does any one own any of these 250's or know any one that does?? Any comparisons to the 400,s??
  7. It really depends on what you intend to do. If you want a scoot primarily for around town, then going for a 200/250 is more than plenty. The size of these are also pretty goodfor commuting. If you know you are going to go even bigger when you're unrestricted, I would stick to a Vespa GT200 or 250ie. The sports city and Scarabeo both have the same motors as the Vespa. The advantage of the Scarabeo is that it has very large wheels for a scooter and also has a large top box and pannier options for touring but they're not that popular so resale wouln't be as great.

    If you're looking for a maxi, then most of the people I know are all very happy with theirs (various models). My X9 500 is a very capable communter (for it's size) and as I don't demand too much from it, I don't have any of the issues that most of the write ups have with them.

    If you need any more info, drop me an email or IM me.

  8. ronni

    My fav 250cc scooter is the Scarabeo. I think for memory they were about $1,000-$1,500 more than a Sport City. I took one for an extended whole day test run about 6 months ago. I liked it very much. Totally different style of scoot, not the sporty style of the Sport City thats for sure. Low ground clearance led to a few scrapes when cornering too fast.

    The 250 Scarab would be far better than the Vespa GTS250 if you want to do some touring. They are a big scoot, very well put together. No under seat storage at all, thats why the top box is included in the price and isnt removeable. It has 16in wheels, so pretty stable and good over crappy roads. I took it out on the freeway for a little blat and its seemed pretty comfortable sitting on 100 and it was not totally run in so yet.

    If i was looking for a scoot to go touring i'd wait till your off restrictions and go for a 400cc+ one. But for a good compromise the scarab is pretty sweet.
  9. Thanks Guys!! I will keep all of this in mind when I go looking for a bigger one!!!