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Help me choose a light babe luring torque machine

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. With the sale of my DRZ400SM almost imminent, I have spiraled into some form of depression.

    The only way to fix this is to find a better, funner and cooler bike then the DRZ.

    Key points i am looking for;

    1. Cost, keep it low if possible.
    2. Doesn't need to rev to 3489238492378 rpm to get power, aka useless for the steet.
    3. Light
    4. Fun
    5. Sweet ass, babe collecting, menacing looking to be preferred
    6. Able to go on long touring/netrider rides.
    7. Comfort is not a issue. I'm young hip and square. I sleep on the floor, its all good.

    Please help me find a bike, before things spiral out of control and I loose my sanity :nopity:

    Current bikes I am contemplating, but definately not limited too;
    Street Triple
    KTM Duke, or the 990?
    Aprilla Dordoso 750
    Husky Varient (Nuda 900R I think it is)
    CBR 600 F4i (Seem cheaper then the above, lots of stunters use them would let me imagine they have some torque?)

    Not sure what else is out there, Maybe a custom street fighter is a better option?
  2. CBR 600F4i isn't really "torquey". Stunters use them with a dinner plate sized rear sprocket which gives them good acceleration for their stunts.

    VFR800 has good low torque. Z1000, CB1000R or GSR750? <--- naked bikes which I personally don't mind. Find a CBR1000 wreck and street fighter?
  3. street triple.

    KTM are cool... but i'm a guy.
    most girls don't know what an Aprilia is.
    husky is a wicked bike/ awesome motard but not great fuel range from what ive heard which will impact on touring.
    CBR600f4 is a bit old/boring.

    all are great bikes but i reckon the street triple will give you the most babe collecting touring/twisty fun.
  4. VFR800, nice bikes. But i think a bit boring.
    Other litre bikes i think may be getting too heavy.

    Suppose thats another option is to lower my gearing on your common street 600, wonder how much it impacts on low rpm high speed for the commute
  5. You wouldn't want to lower it much on a 600. You'd be revving like a bastard at speed.
    My 'fun' suggestion, although not light, would be a honda VTR1000 firestorm. I miss mine sorely. It didn't turn well or brake well but my god I'd have trouble finding a bike that sounded as great at any rev range or put as big a smile on my face.
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  6. a street triple with sticky tyres is the ducks guts. Maybe not 1) and its maybe not the best tourer, but who cares. (I can do 2-3 hours on mine with no drama)
  7. VFR800 street fighter :p
  8. Buell XB1200S. I'm not going to explain why... :wink:
  9. Are these any good?
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  10. I wouldn't say the f4i is a babe puller .. my Gsr750 gets kids looking, dogs barking, tradies gawking , random riders often have a little looky.... but I'm neither young nor hip... great for commuting, torquey enough for me, also good for long runs no problems. Guess its similar to the striple to a degree... the vfr's turn my head, but I'm not a babe. so that's about all I can offer... get something that turns your head, cause attitude is everything :D
  11. Love these!
  12. I would never buy a bike to literally pull in the babes, I was just talking rubbish.

    Just want a bike I like the look of. Always thought the f4i's were cool lookin and cheap :)
  13. And that brutale...doesn't look half bad.
    Its growing on me.
  14. Totally tongue in cheek. . Two of my friends have f4i's and love them ..
  15. Apart from #6, I think this fulfils all your requirements:


    Provided you're 6, and the babes are in primary school. Used to work for me back in the day :)
  16. Hi,

    Re The Brutale, sexy bike but have a look at the service costs.... This is from this thread -



    Just got this information from a fellow netrider, was not something I had thought of and certainly has made me a stop and think a lot more about if I want one of these or not.


    I see you're interested in the Brutale 675. I was looking in to the F3 a while ago and enquired the service costs for those bikes. See for yourself. Tell me what you think.
    I'm more than certain these service prices will be similar to what they will charge the B3. The 36K intervals are a killer (rear hub assembly needs changing). I'm in VIC so no other choice for service than PS.
    Been following the MV forum and the present European B3 owners are cursing at the bikes unreliability. Stalling mid corner at speed, stalling in general, low speed fuelling issues, jumping gears, gear indicator not working correctly, oil leaks, fork leaks and the list goes on.
    You're call.

    F3 (peter stevens)

    1000 $496.00
    6000 $496.00
    12000 $1,112.00
    18000 $496.00
    24000 $1,366.00
    30000 $496.00
    36000 $3,647.00
    42000 $496.00
    48000 $1,112.00
    54000 $496.00
    60000 $1,366.00
    66000 $496.00
    72000 $3,647.00
    78000 $496.00
    84000 $1,112.00
    90000 $496.00
    96000 $1,366.00

    Disclaimer I have not checked these myself but I have no reason to doubt them. Seems excessive to me; I would do more than 12,000k in the first year so $2,100+ in service costs........

    Yes the bike is exclusive; yes not many people have them; but seriously not sure it is worth that much more a year to have one.

    Cheers Jeremy

  17. i have found that having a full fairing makes it significantly easier to pull girls. This is because girls are mostly oblivious to motorcycles so you need to make it as obvious as hell that your bike is fast, dangerous and exciting, the easiest way to do this is to make your bike look like the ones she sees on tv occasionally when motogp is mentioned on the sports report.

    Go for something loud, fast, fully faired and with a pillion seat.

    Mv Agusta F4
    Mv Agusta F3
    Ducati 848, 1199, 1198, 1098, 916, 748
    Aprillia RSV4R/Factory (bonus points for "i have a v4 engine, its what they use in motogp" line
    BMW S1000RR
    Matte Black R1 with gold everything (this is good for the bogan chicks)

    Just go for the most mainstream loud fast bike ever.
  18. Might give that one a miss then.
    What about this one, are they any good?
  19. ^ if you like coffee....