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Help me choose a CRUISER please!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Big Red, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    I am driving myself nuts trying to look at all of the different info around the net on cruisers so I'm just gonna put the question out there (for the 100th time I know ....)!!!!

    What is the best 250cc cruiser out there on the market? I am leaning towards a Honda VT250C as opposed to Viragos or Intruders but am still unsure if it is the best bet.

    The eternal questions ......

    Will it cruise 'comfortably' at 100kph on the freeway? (not too fussed about sitting on 120kph!!). There seems to be some differing opinions on this so I'm asking those who have ridden the bikes instead of salespeople!!
    Does it have enough hp at the throttle do get you out of trouble?
    What other models are worth looking at? (Is the V25 Custom different to the VT250C - excuse my ignorance, I've only started researching cruisers a couple of weeks ago) :)

    Talk to me guys .... there's nothing on tv!!!
  2. bllawwwhh! yucky avatar, freaked out now and going to bed to cry. :LOL:

    I've had few mates get 250 cruisers, and the only thing any of them had in common is that they couldn't wait to upgrade :). So don't sweat to much on the choice, make sure it's something you can live with until you get your opens.

    New crusiers should be fine at 100kph, older ones may struggle - get a test ride to make sure 8)

  3. Hey Red, welcome to Netrider, got a mate with a Honda 250 Shadow and it's not a bad looking cruiser, his brothers got a Hyosung Aquila 250 cruiser, and they both tell me the Hyosung is the better of the two. If you can put up the the name on the tank, test ride a Hyosung, I think the price difference was a saving of around $1500 - $1800 by buying the Aquila.
  4. Have a look at the Hyosung Aquila but the V25/VT250 is a damn nice bike (and I like the styling).
  5. Bandit 250 is also another option, nice naked, not a cruiser as such, but sits comfortably on 100.
    Most are grey imports, mine is, I think it was the 2000 model that was an aussie released one.

  6. Mhm, do I really have to say which one I prefer? Anyway, I'm happy with it, altough it feels like a pushbike now. 100Kph, no problem.
  7. Thanks for the info ... need all I can get so feel free to continue giving your 2c worth!!

    Have been checking out pics .... both the Honda and the Hyosung look good - I will have to take some test rides me thinks!

    Any thoughts on adv/disadv. of buying new compared to second hand?
  8. One of the boys from work has one of these and he nothing but praise for it . As for new or second hand , depends . Normally you will only keep the 250 for the required 12 months then upgrade . It depreciates the most in the first 12 months , so unless you plan to keep it for a lot longer , i suggest you buy second hand . But your choice as you are the one that has to make you happy.
  9. Oh , and welcome to the forum and COOL avater :D .
  10. People quite often mention the handling on the cruisers as a potential issue - is it just a case of getting used to the set up (feet up, bum down and longer wheel base) or is it a disadvantage when cornering quickly? And what is it like leaning (will I wear down my foot pegs??)

    Oh, more importantly, am I gonna feel a vibration between my legs? :LOL: :D :LOL: :D
  11. My Virago did fine sitting on 100, and could even push it to 120 provided it wasn't uphill! And I'm no petite lil chick either.
  12. V25 Custom is a good (if slightly pricy) option. The Aquila seems to be a good unit - ask Boogieman for a first-hand account. Unless you're a big person (like me, for instance...) then most 250 cruisers will manage the 110kph mark. The Virago, Intruder, Eliminator, VT250, etc - all decent 250 cruisers. The Kwaka (Eliminator) is a 6 speed, which will give you a bit more top end than the others, where the Virago is effectively bulletproof and is (relatively) cheap to fix should you drop it.

    BTW - you don't happen to frequent WAU do you?
  13. WAU ???

    Dunno what that is so I must'nt frequent it :)
  14. Big Red, I reackon you should just bite the bullet and get the new Gold Wing. I can just hear the surround sound, heated seat, CD Player......

    Luxary :p

  15. I had a quick ride on a Virago last week end, after stepping off the Hammer and I must say that I was supprised how it went.

    I was expecting it to be a bit more gutless.

    Not long enough to form a real opinion, just my initial impression.

    But I must say I'd be looking at and older all round 250 (cb250, gsx250, xs250 etc.) to learn on. Go for the style you want when you get a full licence.
  16. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  17. Hey there Big Red,

    I've been riding an '01 Intruder for nearly a year now so i can give you a quick review. Freeway rides are fine with it carrying my 6"2' 100kg+ frame without much trouble. Up a hill into a strong headwind will see me struggling to get to 95 however. (trick is to use the pillion footpegs and lie forward over the handlebars :D :D )

    Handling wise it's fine. I've ridden an Aquila and the intruder feels much more upright. You seem to sit higher and have more ground clearance. Oh and it's the footpegs that touch down on both sides which is always nice.

    In terms of performance don't expect much. It's a 250 cruiser after all. That being said it's light and nimble and is fantastic zipping through traffic in the morning. One thing to note, the rear view mirrors on the intruder are exactly the same height as rearview mirrors on cars :shock:

    At the end of the day though the reason i chose the Intruder was purely aesthetic, it's the best looking 250 cruiser out there 8) 8)
  18. I've had an Aquila for 3 years now and I cant fault it... it has been reliable and sturdy, the seating position and controls are quite fomfortable... the mirrors are at a lovley height and the choice of genuine accessories is huge.

    I'm a larger bloke too (6'2" 120kgs) and it doesnt struggle to carry me or a pillion.... I've gotten it up to 145kph and up to 120kph with a pillion on (I didnt need to go any faster then that) it corners well and the only thing I can actually say is that the aftermarket head light makes a great improvment... but only when there are no street lights....

    If you want to have a look at a well ridden aquila give me a hoy and come along to a friday coffee or if you want to speak to a mechanic about it you can speak to "staffords" in heilelberg (9459 3427) Ray or Don will give you a throrugh and honest run down on the bike....thats where I've been taking my bike for the past two years.....

    Greg I'd mind your words...... you dont know who those comments might upset....... and no-one wants the Boogieman upset :p :x :twisted: :twisted: :LOL:
  19. Boogieman

    What your thoughts on Hyosung in general?

    How much were they willing to haggle?

    How has the service been?

    Have you spoke to other Hyonsong riders?

    I like the look of the 650's, particuly the new one with the full fairing
  20. The HMAS Sydney comes to mind, is that the sort of cruiser you were after?