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Help me buy my first motorbike - VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shtewe, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am looking at getting a second hand VTR250 and just need advise in what to look for when i go searching.

    My work colleague thinks anything above 15,000 km's is too many K's. My budget is between 4000 to 5000.

    I looked at a VTR250 last weekend and it was very nice but it only had done 1 service in its life and it has done 14000 K's. Should I be concerned?

    Thanks in advance and any help would be great.
  2. My VTR is ten years old and has over 42,000 on the clock and no indication that anything serious is going wrong with it. From all that I've heard, they're tough little bikes. I'd rather take a high-mileage bike that had been well looked after over a low-mileage bike that had been neglected.

    The service schedule is every six months or 6,000 km. How old is the bike you looked at? The lack of servicing might be a good way to negotiate a lower price on it, because the very first thing I'd be doing after buying it would be booking it in for a major service. At 14,000 km it might well be in need of new tyres soon (~ $350) and if the chain hasn't been kept well lubed (quite likely with an owner who hasn't been servicing it by the book), maybe a new chain and sprockets too (roughly the same cost as tyres). All of these things can add to the cost of ownership...
  3. I bought my VTR at 2100km, hardly ridden in 3years. In a year and a half, I put a further 27000 odd km on it, and recently sold it to a fellow NR in probably better condition than when I bought it. Serviced regularly, near new chain, sprockets, near new tyres etc etc.
  4. @OP....

    14000kms on a well maintained VTR is nothing to be concerned about.

    Having said that:

    I was meticulous with mine - I dropped the oil every 3,000kms and had it mechanic serviced every 6,000kms.

    A valve clearance inspection is due at 12,000kms (from memory.....could be 24,000kms?)

    Bottom line - the only concerning factor is that it has 14,000kms and been service once.....at the very least it would need minimum 2 oil changes by now, 1 new oil filter and an air-box inspection.....
  5. Are you specifically looking for a VTR? I'm about to advertise a 2009 DRZ400 with 4XXXk's for $4500. Brilliant bike with plenty of power for a learner legal.
  6. I bought a 1999 VTR250 with 23000 kms on it in Oct last year and have since done another 9k. It's been working great with no issues. Recently serviced it and I had to replace the chain/sprockets ($210 for bits, not sure how much it costs if you have to take it to someone) and put new tyres on ($360).

    How much is the bike you are looking at?
  7. Thanks for the help guys.

    The biggest concern i had was that the guy was young and definitely not mechanically minded. So not going to be buying that bike.

    I am pretty keen on the VTR250 as I absolutely love the style of it.

    Do you think its worth getting a near new VTR250 from a dealer? I am happy to spend a little more just to be safe and I am going to learn heaps with maintaining the bike. And I will always get it serviced regularly.

    There is a 2009 model at Peter Stevens in Elizabeth street with only 1100 Kilometres on it with a Megacycle exhaust for 6490 drive away. What do you think about going for that?

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  8. Well I went for an older bike with more kms in case I dropped it being new (I did, but no damage luckily). Basically because ideally I am only having the bike for the 15 months of my LAMS period I wanted the cheapest bike that wasn't going to fall apart. The money I saved can go to my new bike :)

    If you are mechanically minded and know what to look for when buying the bike, I would just get the cheapest one you can in good nick and go from there.

    I am learning heaps about how to maintain it too! I had no idea about anything mechanical and it does not come naturally to me but now I can do most of the servicing myself like changing the oil and filter, checking air filter, changing spark plugs, etc :)
  9. Thats a good suggestion. The thing is that i am off my Lams and I have my full license. Got my P's in December 2011 but now just started to be keen to get on a bike to do some weekend riding and such.

    I like the VTR250 as its a great size bike to learn on and I dont want to get a a crazy fast machine for my first bike. I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 12 and now i am 23.

  10. Want a Kawak GPX 250? :)
  11. my VTR250 has done just over 50,000k's and is still going strong. As long as you look after it they can go for ages. Enjoy the ride...
  12. I wouldn't touch that bike with a 50 ft pole. The VTR needs an initial service @ 1,000 kms and then every 6,000 kms after that. Also @ 12,000 km it requires a valve clearance inspection. Mines just gone over the 12k mark and I need to do a major service asap.

    Don't buy a bike without service history .. bikes need oil changes regularly otherwise engine life will diminish rapidly. There's nothing special about seeing a VTR with 50-80,000 kms on the clock, they can handle the kms as long as it's looked after!
  13. Buy a new VTR, you'll love it.