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Help me buy a new bike!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Geoff3DMN, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. GSV1200S Bandit

  2. SV1000

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  3. CB900 Hornet

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  4. Other bike under $12,500 inc ORC (please list).

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  1. I'm looking for a new work bike (without breaking my limited work bike budget) and I'll be trading in a 1999 Yamaha Diversion 900S with panniers and 28,000kms in VGC and I was hoping for some comments from people who've compared them.

    I used to own an earlier Bandit 1200 (1996) and it was more practical than fun and had rather flawed suspension that cost about $1500 to fix (I'm told the newer ones are improved).

    I can't test ride because none of the dealers near here have demo's of them (grrr!).

    Test riding in Melbourne might be an option but I doubt I'd be able to just rock up on my day off and hop on a bike (or can I?). If anyone knows of a Melbourne shop that has any of these available for test riding I'd appreciate a heads up on where they are.

    Suzuki GSF1200S Bandit $10,490 + ORC
    Suzuki SV1000 $10,990 + ORC
    Honda CB900 $10,990 + ORC

    Please no "You'd be better off with a more modern 600".

    I'm middle aged and I grew up with large torquey bikes and I still prefer them :)
  2. That would be Bendigo or Kyneton right??? Kyneton honda/Susuki dealer has about a 10:1 ration of offraders to road bikes..... if you count the V-strom as a road bike.

    from what i have seen they have a lot of "display bikes" but really hate them going out for test rides.

    my personal pick would be ther hornet... simply on what i have heard from others about how the 3 bikes perform/run etc
  3. Yah Bendigo or Kyneton.

    Kyneton have more Suzuki's on display although most of them are off roaders as you say.

    Bendigo have thier shop split between Suzuki, Triumph and KTM so don't have a lot of any of those three brands on display.
  4. i presume youmean KTM???

    Sounds like you need to plan a day inthe city???
  5. Last thing I heard in the Sydney market was that the bargain 900 Hornets were all gone, but that may not be the case in Melbourne or regional Victoria. Lots of luck with your hunting, one day when I'm rich and famous I want to be able again to buy a brand-new bike..... :roll:
  6. Id try and locate a private seller with a sv for sale and is willing to let you test ride it.. Goodluck trying to find a dealer with demo bikes..

    Btw, if you dont have any luck id be willing to let you have a bit of a ride on mine..
  7. Likewise if you want to have a crack on a Hornet9 and you can convince me you're not gonna stack it :)

    I rode a Bandit 1200 recently, quite a late model, and thought it was rubbish. Carbs vs. the Hornet's injection (boooo), long wheelbase and difficult, boaty steering (booooo) - plus it was extremely rattly, to the point where it shook its own bar end off during the day and a half I had it for. Me and Matty were swapping between the Bandit12 and a V-Strom 650 and whichever of us was on the Strom was cleaning the other up comprehensively in the twisties. Booooooo.

    The SV I've never ridden - but I'm not a big fan of twins, I just don't really dig the power delivery. That's a personal thing. I'll agree they sound magnificent with the right pipes, and the SV looks great.

    The Hornet is a bike I find it very difficult to fault. Responsive, aggressive, composed, sharp, well-balanced and with a great, thick spread of power from tickover to redline. The newer models with adjustable forks would be nicer. Easy enough to scrape the pegs or the tail if you've got the moves, comfortable and brilliant for slicing through sity traffic. It's also easy as hell to ride, and although it has perfrmance to spare, it doesn't look like a sportsbike so the coppers and traffic-light dragsters leave you alone. Oh, and they're great for passengers, one of the most comfy pillion sportsbikes out there.

    I'm real happy with mine :) I'd find it a difficult bike to replace!
  8. If you went a not quite new you could also look at Kawasaki's Z1000 - a much more aggressively styled naked bike.

    Otherwise, I'd say the SV is the pick. They look particularly cool in black or silver, IMO, but that's personal preference, as they say!
  9. Get a twin Geoff, you know you wanna :)

    Welcome to ride the firestorm if you like.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys :)

    Vic thanks, I test rode a Firestorm and it was nice but they are about $1500 more than the SV or the Hornet.

    Sounds like I should scratch the Bandit off the list at least.

    I'd prefer to go a new bike as we are going into a new house and funds will be limited for the next few years so (eeerrkkk) this bike I'll have to live with for a few years.
  11. Dont know if its too far - but Mick Hone in Box Hill have a silver sv1000s at the moment - unsure of the price but that sounds familiar, maybe check out their website. I dont know about the other bikes but the sv caught my eye when i was there last week...
  12. I actually prefer the appearence of the SV1000S to the unfaired SV1000 but I prefer the more upright riding position of the unfaired version (short arms & increasing waistline don't go well with a long stretch to the bars).

    I'll actually be in Melbourne CBD all next week for a St. Johns level 3 OH&S first aid course, and I'm riding the Yammy 900 down so I'll possibly be able to duck into Elizabeth street after the course some days.

    Not sure if I'll have time to get to Box Hill but if they finish at about 4 (as the level 2 did) then I should be able to.

    At this point in time my head is saying the Hornet 900 is the more sensible, better suited choice... but I do love that twin sound (and SV's sound great with pipes).
  13. You are only 25 posts away (as I type this) from 10,000 posts...

    that'll make you famous in Netrider :)
  14. I dont know too much about bikes - am still learning loads as just off restrictions, but I gotta admit the sv1000s at Mick Hone was a beauty...

    Sounds like a plan if you're gonna be in melbourne to check out what available on Elizabeth street - and if ya get the chance check out Mick Hone - I am purchasing a sv650s off them hopefully within the next week...and the service and help I've had from them has been great...
  15. I have to ask, with a nick like Geordielass...
    you just have to be a Geordie right?

    *Tries really really hard to avoid telling old jokes about the difference between a scotsman and a geordie* ;)
  16. Lmao....yup I am a Geordie sorry hehe.... :oops: :grin:

    My mate is a scotsman and he has to translate for me as no-one has a clue what i'm saying half the time - and i thought i spoke properly hehe...One mate cant understand me if he thinks of me as english - but if he thinks of me as scottish (?) then he can get most of what i say - how bizarre....

    You cant make jokes about Geordie's we're the perfect breed haha... :grin:
  17. I can understand Jeffles (mate of mine who's a geordie) and his generation of geordies (or I could when I was over visiting) but his grandfather in full swing is totally incomprehensible!
  18. Yeah...give me a couple of beers and i talk faster which send people mad...its like 'thats just noise' hehe....
  19. Hey, that's pretty soon. I didn't realise. Alriiight! :cool:
  20. Yeah I know - pretty scary hey...hadnt meant it to be so soon, but the perfect bike was there for me at the time came off restrictions - so just arranging finance now....aaarrrggghhhh hehe...