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Help me avoid the the Princes Hwy

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mr Flibble, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I'll be heading off to Caulfield sometime in mid to late Jan. After some local advice for the best, most funnest route avoiding the highway/freeway.

    I've come up with this but I don't know the local roads, so all comments welcome.
  2. I'd do the Bengworden road as well jazzfan - I hate the Bairnsdale to Sale run. I also loathe the Sale to Yarram ride (mind numbingly boring) but it's the only way to get down the Sth Gippy without having to endure the Princes Hwy. The other way I'd go is turn right just out of Stratford and head along the back roads right through to Drouin. I think the Sth Gippy route you've chosen is probably the better one... I like it down that way.
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    Willowgrove Road north out of Moe is good, taking you into the Yarra Ranges, whereby you could enter Melbourne by the east - say Healesville - Yarra Glen - Kangaroo Ground - Warrandyte....and into Melbourne - a classic favourite of many people.

    If you do that perhaps you could choose from back roads between Sale and Moe? Although this route will have added time to your trip so maybe you could suffer the Hwy for that stretch if needed?
  4. Cheers, Meags & mattb

    Might take one route in and the other back...
  5. Willow grove rd (icy creek road) is in terrible condition currently.

    Massive pot holes, and loads of mud incursion. beware..

    I dont know how much time you have , but ...


    This route takes in some of the best roads along the way,

    Bairnsdale to Dargo,

    Heyfield to Licola

    Avoids the bad part of willowgrove road (although its an awesome stretch when in good condition.)

    Takes you into yarra junction , and the LONG way into town via Reefton spur and the blackspur,

    then Chum creek Road, kinglake st andrews.

    A nice taste of some of vic's fave as Mattb mentioned above:)

    Then on the way back head out via the south side and gippsland way ... loads of fun options there..
  6. Hi,

    What bike and where is the destination?
  7. dobbo, temporarily roughing it, current ride is a GS500 - so no I don't want to do any real rough dirt tracks.

    Destination is Caulfield as per OP.