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Help Me Avoid The Hume Freeway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by cameronp, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm planning a trip from Melbourne to Canberra and Sydney in early December. The idea is to catch up with some friends and relatives, climb Mt Bogong and see a bit of the eastern states countryside that I haven't seen yet. I think I've got a route sorted out for the way there, but not so much for the ride back from Sydney to Melbourne.

    Here's my planned route so far -
    Day 1: Melbourne - M420 - A440 - Orbost
    Day 2: Orbost - Nowa Nowa - Bruthen - Mount Beauty
    Day 3: climb Mt Bogong
    Day 4: Mount Beauty - Thredbo/Jindabyne - Canberra
    Day 5, 6: stay in Canberra
    Day 7: Canberra - Bateman's Bay - Sydney
    Day 8, 9: stay in Sydney
    Day 10, 11: sightseeing in the Blue Mountains or Central Coast?
    Day 12, 13: ??? - Melbourne

    I don't mind a bit of freeway running for the final leg into Melbourne as I suspect I'll just want to get home asap by then, but I'm at a bit of a loss for a more exciting route out of Sydney...
  2. THIS is a quick possibility. The Wee Jasper section has some dirt but it is pretty countryside. Maybe some locals could give you an idea on its current condition.
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  3. Go the other way,via Perth,Darwin and Brissy.
  4. What you said firstly is spot on i would do the same.
  5. Coast...princes highway...great roads to cruise along compared to the Hume especially if te heats kicking in - stop off at one of the countless beaches
  6. Princes highway to Bega
    Bega to Cooma
    Cooma to Thredbo
    Alpine Highway to Corryong
    Corryong to Wodonga
    Hume Freeway to Benalla
    Benalla to Whitfield, Mansfield, Bonny Doon, Yea and home
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  7. As above, what Hornet just said, that Whitfield to Mansfield leg is a ripper.
  8. ^ It is indeed, but not a road you should do if you are tired.
  9. After Sydney you could head out on the Bell's Line to Lithgow then Bathurst.

    From Bathurst you can head south to the Riverina through Blayney and Harden, then to Gundagai. You could then head down to Tumut and on to Corryong for a ride through the Snowy Mountains similar to Hornet's idea.

    Alternatively, if you want to spend a bit more time in NSW you could leave Sydney, head up the Old Pacific Highway, check out the Central Coast then head out through Wollombi to the Putty Road. This would lead you back to Richmond, then you can head down the Bell's Line and follow the route above. This would be some excellent riding with a lot of roads popular with Sydney riders.

    On your Bateman's Bay - Sydney run, I would recommend detouring off the F6 at Kiama, and heading through Jamberoo to Macquarie's Pass and the Robertson Pie Shop at the top. You could then head back down (it's only about 12km off your track) and make your way north via the Seacliff Bridge, Stanwell Tops (amazing view) and the Royal National Park.

    This would cover some of the best riding roads around Sydney
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  10. Thanks everyone!

    @cjvfr and @gongrider - cheers, those suggestions are pretty much exactly what I was after!

    @hornet - thanks for your tips too! I think I'll try to incorporate the NSW section into my way up to Sydney, since I was already planning to be in that general area. The Vic section I may try as a (long) day trip some time...

    @87crisis - I've done most of the Princes Hwy before, and it's definitely better than the Hume, but I think I like the other ideas here better :)

    @BLABBUS TOOLICUS - don't tempt me. I've done the Nullarbor a few times by car, one day I will do it on the bike ... one day ... :p
  11. For the return trip, turn off the Hume at Gundagai.
    Head to Tumut via Brungle. From Tumut go to Tumbarumba then on to Jingellic. From there follow the road to Albury but take the Granya turnoff and go to Tallangatta.

    From there, depending on time, head towards Tangambalanga but take the left turn and the Gundowring rd to Tawonga and the Tawonga Gap to Bright.

    From Bright down to Myrtleford and across to Whitfield and on to Mansfield. From Mansfield go to Jamieson and then Eildon. From there it'll depend on which side of Melbourne you live.
  12. If all that isn't enough options, there's also:
    various coastal or mountain roads to Bega, Bombala, Bonang Hwy to Orbost, and either South Gippsland or Noojee/Willow Grove to Melbourne
  13. For a great ride out of Sydney try the following:

    Sydney, Windsor, Bells Line of Road to Darling Causeway, across to Mt Victoria, down the hill and a few k's later left turn on Jenolan Caves Road. Follow this to Duckmaloi Rd and into Oberon for a break.
    Out of Oberon, heading for Goulburn - but not on the main road. Look up Shooters Hill Road, which links back to the main road after you have spent 30ks on spectacular wide smooth road with sweeping bends you can see right through. You can spend much more than $1.00 if you wish for one of the best roads that very few people know about. I have ridden the entire length and seen at most 1-2 cars.
    This drops you back onto the Oberon-Goulburn road for more great riding. Coffee in Goulburn and then under the Hume Freeway, taking the back road to Bungendore, outside of Canberra, for further great riding.
    Others have suggested ways beyond Canberra, but since you have come up the coast from Batemans Bay the above route is unbeatable for getting out of Sydney and riding some great roads.
  14. "Head to Tumut via Brungle. From Tumut go to Tumbarumba then on to Jingellic"

    If your ride takes you Tumut to Tumbarumba - Head out of Tumut towards Batlow.
    About 10km south of Tumut you'll come to the Rosewood / Adelong turnoff, on your right. Recognised by a concrete bridge & a rural fire brigade shed on the opposite side of the bridge.
    At the RFS shed, turn left & head straight up the hill. This is Green Hills Forest Road, Green Leaf Rd or Link Rd - depending on who you ask.
    About 15km along there, turn right towards Rosewood & just follow your nose to that little village. Turn left and Tumbarumba is about 30km further south.

    That's a better alternative than the straight Tumut - Tumbarumba ride IMHO.
  15. Agreed, although last time (a month or so ago) sections had been ripped up by the logging trucks. Generally it's a brilliant road, one of my favourites. Although if you do it on a weekday you need to look out for logging trucks.
  16. I'm setting off on this trip tomorrow. Thanks again everyone for your suggestions, and I'll post another thread when I get back with pictures and a write-up.
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